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Social posts wrongly insurance claim that says legalizing marijuana additionally have "legislated" the those who usage the medicine cannot have actually guns. Actually, a long-standing federal regulation prohibits marijuana users from possessing or purchase firearms, nevertheless of state policies.

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Social write-ups wrongly case that claims legalizing marijuana likewise have “legislated” that those who usage the drug cannot have actually guns. Actually, a long-standing federal legislation prohibits marijuana users from own or purchase firearms, nevertheless of state policies.

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As states continue to legalize marijuana because that medicinal or recreational purposes, those state policies proceed to inherently dispute with federal law.

That’s due to the fact that marijuana remains a Schedule I medicine — along with heroin, LSD and others — and also is because of this illegal in the eye of the federal government, regardless of what state legislations say. It’s to be classified that way since 1970.

Posts repeatedly shared top top Facebook, however, distort the facts approximately the issue and how the relates to gun rights.

“Before friend celebrate the legalization the marijuana, simply know: almost every state that has actually legalized that has likewise legislated the you shed your right to own a gun if you are prescribed it, or buy that recreationally,” the articles claim. “Pot legalization is turning out to be a back-door way for the government to acquire you come voluntarily give up your gun rights.”

That’s misleading. It’s existing federal law, i m sorry dates earlier to 1968, that prohibits marijuana customers from purchasing firearms — not that claims legalizing marijuana have “legislated” it the way.

“I’m not conscious of any state that bans pistol possession by users of legitimate cannabis,” mark Kleiman, a professor the public policy at brand-new York University’s Marron institute of urban Management, told us in one email. “But it’s true that commonwealth law clearly does. The paranoid case that this constitutes a plot through ‘the government’ is transparently silly.”

As the U.S. Office of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and also Explosives made clear in a 2011 open letter, federal law “prohibits any type of person that is an ‘unlawful user the or addicted to any controlled substance…’ indigenous shipping, transporting, receiving or possessing weapons or ammunition.” The letter additionally states that it is “unlawful for any type of person to market or otherwise dispose of any type of firearm or ammunition to any type of person discovering or having actually reasonable cause to think that such person is an unlawful user of or addicted to a controlled substance.”

The letter continues: “Therefore, any type of person who provides or is addicted to marijuana, regardless of whether his or her State has actually passed regulation authorizing marijuana usage for clinical purposes, is one unlawful user that or addicted come a regulated substance, and is prohibition by Federal legislation from possessing guns or ammunition.”

The commonwealth firearm transaction form — supplied by federal firearms licensees, such as gun shops, to determine whether a sale is lawful — also explicitly asks around a buyer’s “unlawful” marijuana use and also notes the the “use or possession the marijuana continues to be unlawful under Federal regulation regardless” that state policies.

Making false written statements ~ above the applications is a felony that have the right to be punished with up to 10 year in prison and a well of up to $250,000, follow to the U.S. Government Accountability Office. A 2018 GAO report found, however, that the U.S., in fiscal year 2017, seldom prosecuted instances in i m sorry firearm applicants do false statements on a type and were ultimately denied.

Yet, the GAO noted, then-Attorney general Jeff Sessions in march 2018 “issued a memo that directed every United claims Attorneys to enhance prosecution of situations involving people who make false explanation on the ATF type 4473.”

Among examples of such prosecutions, the government carried charges against a Maine guy last year because that making false statements, including about his marijuana use, ~ above the form in February and also March 2017. That later pleaded guilty and also was sentenced to eight months imprisonment and $200 in fines. The transactions took place after the recreational usage of marijuana was legalized in Maine. Voter there authorized it in 2016 and the component of the recreational law enabling people 21 and older to flourish six “mature plants” and also carry 2.5 ounces took impact Jan. 30, 2017. The state has actually also allowed for the usage of clinical marijuana because 1999.

One court challenge to federal law and the ATF’s open letter — filed by a Nevada woman who was refused a firearm since of her clinical marijuana registry map — to be dismissed through a U.S. Ar Court. The U.S. Nine Circuit Court that Appeals upheld that ruling in 2016, finding that the plans did not violate her second Amendment rights.

Karen O’Keefe, manager of state policies for the advocacy team Marijuana policy Project, additionally confirmed in an emailed response to doyourpartparks.org the she had not heard of claims legalizing marijuana and then legislating to restrict gun access for those who use it.

“On the contrary, legislative activity has had tendency to emphasis on protecting gun rights of cannabis users,” O’Keefe said, citing Oklahoma together an example.

Oklahoma became the 30th state come legalize clinical marijuana critical year, and also state officials newly approved law attempting come reaffirm that clinical marijuana patients have to not be limited from accessing guns. The measure, signed by the governor in March, states that a “medical marijuana patience or caregiver licensee shall not be denied the right to own, acquisition or own a firearm, ammunition, or firearm equipment based exclusively on his or her status as a medical marijuana patient or caregiver licensee.”

It adds: “No state or neighborhood agency, municipal or ar governing government shall restrict, revoke, suspend or otherwise infringe ~ above the ideal of a person to own, acquisition or possess a firearm, ammunition, or firearm equipment or any kind of related guns license or certification based exclusively on their standing as a clinical marijuana patient or caregiver licensee.”

Even so, the Oklahoma regulation doesn’t supplant the current federal policy. Prior to the law was signed, the Tulsa World reported, lawmakers “acknowledged throughout talks on the home floor the it continues to be a federal offense to own cannabis and also a gun in ~ the exact same time.”

Editor’s note: doyourpartparks.org is one of several organizations working through Facebook to debunk misinformation common on the society media network. Ours previous stories can be found here.


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Q: are Philip Morris “Marlboro M” brand marijuana cigarettes now for revenue in four U.S. States?

A: No. That case comes native a 2014 satirical story. It has actually recently resurfaced without the satire label.

FULL ANSWERPhilip Morris does not market marijuana cigarettes in the unified States. In spite of some marijuana-friendly state laws, marijuana still remains illegal at the federal level.An article that was originally posted in 2014,

The write-up Philip Morris Not offering Marijuana Cigarettes appeared very first on doyourpartparks.org.

A: No. That case comes from a 2014 satirical story. It has recently resurfaced without the satire label.


Philip Morris go not offer marijuana cigarettes in the joined States. Regardless of some marijuana-friendly state laws, marijuana still remains illegal at the commonwealth level.

An short article that was initially posted in 2014, and republished in 2016, says otherwise. The self-described satirical website “Abril Uno” composed that Philip Morris — which it spelled mistakenly — will certainly start developing “Marlboro M” marijuana cigarettes. It said they will certainly be sold through licensed outlets in Colorado and Washington in an initiative to “join the marijuana legalization bandwagon.”

“Abril Uno,” or “April One” in English, has a disclaimer in ~ the bottom that its home page the says, “Abril Uno is a satirical net publication and also uses developed names in all its stories, other than in instances where public figures or entities are being satirized.”

In 2015, various other websites that do not have actually such a disclaimer republished the story, make it daunting for readers to differentiate between real and made-up news. Because that instance, currently 8 News shared the story. However, as we have written, currently 8 News is no a actual news website. Its name is deceptively close to the of the genuine CBS affiliate TV station in las Vegas, 8 News Now.

The story resurfaced ~ above urhealthguide.com top top Feb. 12. This recent version asserted that Marlboro marijuana cigarettes are now for revenue in 4 U.S. States: Washington, Colorado, Oregon and also Alaska.

The story contains a doctored picture of a pack of Marlboro cigarettes that says, “Marlboro CANNABIS.” The article also includes a made-up quote from a non-existent Philip Morris executive, Serafin Norcik, “the senior Vice President because that marketing.” Norcik, according to the story, said: “Our firm has been working difficult on this clinical study trial and also are ‘high’ on the idea because that marketing three … we have finally made the decision to take the leap and also support these states in their right to legalized to chat marijuana use.”

However, there is no one by the name of Serafin Norcik detailed as an executive on either the Philip Morris USA or Philip Morris international website. And there is at this time no one who holds the position of an elderly vice president because that marketing.

In one email, a Philip Morris spokeswoman, Iro Antoniadou, told the connected Press the the account released in urhealthguide.com is false.

In fact, Attorney basic Jeff Sessions in January rescinded an Obama-era plan of non-interference v marijuana-friendly state laws, which conflict with federal laws that do marijuana illegal. It stays unclear if Sessions is walk to problem a brand-new policy.

Editor’s note: doyourpartparks.org is among several organizations working through Facebook to assist identify and also label false stories flagged by readers on the social media network.


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Q: was Malia Obama fired indigenous an internship for smoking marijuana? was she arrested for buying marijuana in Chicago?

A: No. Those spoof stories were consisted of to troll conservative readers.

FULL QUESTIONWas Malia Obama fired from a job (or internship) at the Spanish Embassy for smoking pot?Is it true that Malia Obama was arrested at home with pounds of marijuana?FULL ANSWERdoyourpartparks.org readers have asked around a story published in so late June that cases Malia Obama —

The short article Invented Malia Obama story appeared first on doyourpartparks.org.

A: No. Those spoof stories were made up to troll conservative readers.


Was Malia Obama fired native a task (or internship) in ~ the Spanish Embassy for smoking pot?

Is the true that Malia Obama was arrested at residence with pounds that marijuana?


doyourpartparks.org readers have actually asked about a story published in late June that cases Malia Obama — Barack and also Michelle Obama’s eldest daughter — to be let walk from an internship in ~ the U.S. Embassy in Spain for smoking marijuana. “She to be caught, by Embassy protection — aka the united state Marines — on the roof that the building burning a doobie and playing with the Ambassador’s carrier pigeons,” it says.

Our reader have likewise inquired around another story released in at an early stage August that cases “she to be just captured in a enormous marijuana bust in her residence city the Chicago, Illinois.”

Neither story is true.

Obama, who will it is in a freshman at Harvard university in the fall, reportedly interned in ~ the American Embassy in Madrid throughout the summer of 2016, no 2017. And there were no legitimate news reports around her being fired — because that marijuana or any type of other reason.

The story that her termination was consisted of by FreedomCrossroads.us. The website’s “about us” page says: “Freedom Crossroads uses facts that don’t exist and also relies more on creativity than the truth. In fact, over there is likely no fact at every in what you will review here. All of our write-ups are basically a crock of doody and also should be thought about satirical whimsies because that today’s aging conservative.”

The various other bogus story states Obama to be arrested in Chicago for “buying weed edibles from two of she thug friends and enough pot to make thug rapper Snoop Dogg look choose an amateur.” the one was released on DailyNewsExplorer.com, wherein Facebook users flagged it as perhaps fake news. A disclaimer on the website says: “DailyNewsExplorer.com is a satirical publication that might sometimes appear to be informing the truth. We guarantee you that’s no the case. We current fiction together fact and our sources don’t actually exist.”

The story the Obama’s alleged arrest was likewise published on ourlandofthefree.com, a related satirical publishing that we’ve written around before. The website has published at least two follow-ups that are additionally fake: “Barack Obama exit His Daughter’s medicine Dealer From prison In 2015” and “Malia Obama’s Muslim Weed Dealer sent out Money come ISIS.”

Editor’s note: doyourpartparks.org is one of several establishments working with Facebook to help identify and also label famous fake news stories flagged by reader on the society media network. 


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Foxtrot, David “Tango.” “BREAKING: Malia Obama’s Muslim Weed Dealer sent Money to ISIS.” Ourlandofthefree.com. 5 Aug 2017.