Metal equipment Rising - the just thing i recognize for realMetal gear Rising - it needs to be this wayBilly Hatcher & the giant Egg - singing This Charmkids are cruel, jack

Genre undertale

Comment by D E V ns L p U S

memoris broken

Comment through projectnetoku

Now this is exactly how you victory your campaign as president!

Comment through Samuel Donovan

as ns hoped.

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Comment by Dr. Badyear

but why is undertale the tag?

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Comment by Curvin

we need an ext mgr rips favor these

Comment through Mac n Cheese

I love metal equipment memes

Comment by Divine

Take her 5600 Naira Omlette! Lick it I’ll slap ya understand c’mon lick it!

Comment through D E V i L p U S

memory's broken

Comment through Level10CPU

Would you choose to permit the chicken suit?

Comment by ShitpostSpecter

...welp, now I've heard everything

Comment through Warmonger

fucking nano omelets

Comment by tricks 3

Sausy jack

Comment by D E V i L ns U S

fuck you im gonna make omlet

Comment by D E V i L ns U S

memories broken

Comment by D E V ns L p U S


Comment through TheKingOfNachos™

hell yeah

Comment by Simon Socks


Comment through Captain_Clout

hecc nvm

Comment by Captain_Clout

what's the vocals from?

Comment through DelayJay

Don't chef with this senator

Comment through Divine

You’re a apple

Comment by Colton Watson

I deserve to feed the chairman himself...WITH MY bare HANDS

Comment by Isacmm

don't fuck v this chef

Comment through Duncan, The Triple G

Truly fitting.

Comment by Cosmic Cynic

we're every CHEFS the THE PATRIOTS NOW!!!!

Comment by Gin & Tonic

Making the mom of all omelettes here, Jack. Can't worry over every egg.

Comment through yabestmate

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Comment by MM 98751

Ok but, whjwuwnshskageheybssijwuheuejegejwhejegjeiwsns. Ehjebsjsjww. Sgkshs, whwhwjwhw.

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Ejejneuwhs ehwjgwkw, whwuwjegkwjwjekeoelru that is my statement

Comment through Strix

nanomachines, pan

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