For the an initial time, Macy’s is partnering with the Association because that the Visually Impaired and inviting client to take part in Macy’s 11th yearly national “Shop for A Cause” charity shopping event, acquisition place Friday, Aug. 26 v Sunday, Aug. 28, 2016. Client can start purchasing shopping passes from AVI now. Macy’s “Shop because that A Cause” is a unique to buy event committed to supporting regional nonprofit organizations’ fundraising efforts. Previously a one-day initiative, this year Macy’s has prolonged “Shop because that A Cause” come a weekend-long event. Due to the fact that 2006, the program has actually helped raise 10s of numerous dollars for charities transparent the country, and more than 5,000 charities signed increase to participate last year.

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“At Macy’s, we believe in supporting the communities where our customers and also associates live and also work,” stated Holly Thomas, Macy’s group vice chairman of cause marketing. “That is why we room so proud that Shop for A Cause, which has helped raise 10s of millions of dollars because that charitable organizations due to the fact that 2006. Through this year’s expansion to a weekend-long event, we’re supplying even much more opportunity to assistance local and also national causes, and also thanking our customers with special savings in ~ Macy’s.”

Macy’s has provided AVI v shopping passes to offer for $5 each, and also the organization will save 100 percent of the proceeds because that every to buy pass that it sells. By purchase a shopping pass from AVI, customers will assist AVI administer vision rehabilitation solutions to the blind and also visually impaired to ensure independence and to live a healthy and also meaningful way of life within the community in the residence of their choices and also can gain spectacular discounts at Macy’s stores every weekend lengthy from Friday, Aug. 26 through Sunday, Aug.

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28, 2016

According to executive, management Director Beth Bate-Du Boff “AVI’s programs and rehabilitation programs enable many children and young adults to attend neighborhood schools, and develop the an abilities necessary to attain meaningful employment; ours elderly blind clients seek to age in place.”

For more information about Macy’s “Shop for A Cause,” visit To purchase a shopping pass from AVI, speak to 845 574-4950.


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