Season 14, episode 1 Picture-Perfect Kitchen

After he prospered up in a residence on 100 acres and she spent her life in residences with tiny lots close come neighbors, a couple compromised on a fixer-upper ~ above 1.5 acres near a quite neighborhood. While lock painted and put in some brand-new floors, the significant renovations in the house just appeared too much to handle. She"s eager for David to discover them a new house through a gourmet kitchen perfect for she baking business, however he insists the they deserve to make the house work through Hilary"s help.

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Season 14, illustration 2 Room for One more

Ready to increase their family, a pair is fed up v the lack of use in your 1,200 square-foot house. When they spend a the majority of time in ~ home and love the location, she thinks the home is already too tiny and would never work if they had an additional child. He, however, doesn"t think they"ll ever discover a house in the same ar with as lot charm within your budget. Will David find them a home with the space they need or will certainly Hilary do them fall in love anywhere again by reinventing plenty of of the home"s size-challenged spaces?

Season 14, episode 3 A Hole-in-One ar

A couple fell in love with a residence in a coveted family friendly neighborhood near a golf course and also hastily purchased it prior to they had even started a family. Now, three youngsters later, she"s made decision the dated home cannot accommodate every the clutter and task of their busy family. While she"s prepared to move right into a residence that functions better for every one of them, he loves their street and cannot dream of leaving that behind. Can the couple love their residence again v Hilary"s help or will David find them a residence with all the an are they need?

Season 14, illustration 4 an Artful Promise

Bert and also Tommy re-publishing Tommy"s eclectic, 1980s modern-day home, yet Bert wants a home that mirrors them both. The pair loves come entertain and host visiting artists and also friends, however Bert feeling the house is dated, lacks the space and function for your needs and leaves him v no space to call his own. Bert desires David to uncover them your dream home with a pool, but Tommy, the an innovative visionary, look at potential and also hopes boy name can carry their dream come life in their present home.

Season 14, episode 5 Elbow Room

Jill and Joe love your ranch home"s out space, v a quite deck, a pool and also a burned that Joe converted into a pub wherein the whole ar congregates. However with the enhancement of their two embraced sons, their once-cozy house turned right into a loving residence with a many chaos and not sufficient space. Jill desires a enlarge and far better home because that the boys to grow up in, yet Joe desires to make improvements to the within of their home to complement its kid-friendly the end spaces. Young name Farr has big plans to do the couple"s home much more functional, yet David Visentin is ready to tempt them with a brand-new house that has actually enough room for the entirety family.

Season 14, illustration 6 tiny House, great Neighborhood

William and also Ashley bought your cozy, 1950s home in a prime ar when their household was much smaller, however their three cultivation sons are testing the constraints of the house. The kitchen is dated and cut off, and two that the guys share a bedroom. Ashley admits the their residence is little but believes castle can include square clip to increase function and flow. She"s ready to have actually Hilary Farr work-related her style magic, yet William desires David Visentin to present them houses that will certainly convince Ashley come move.

Season 14, episode 7 Family and Future

Empty nesters disagree over whether castle should improve their existing home or discover something smaller and also easier come maintain. She can"t view the potential in your closed-off quarters and hopes David can uncover them a new home that"s great for entertain friends and also family. He, however, is stop on come the memories developed in their home after raising three youngsters there and thinks boy name can change his wife"s mind with a an easy makeover.

Season 14, episode 8 2nd Time offering

After welcoming their second child into the home, a mrs feels her family"s home is gaining too small. With toys and also basketball hoops in every room, she strong feels the size of the residence simply no longer works and also is hope David can find them a residence that fits everyone"s needs. She husband, however, has sculpted out multiple spaces because that himself and his plethora that clothes and also shoes. He"s hope Hilary have the right to make them fall in love with the house by reinventing many of that hotly discussed spaces.

Season 14, illustration 9 style Intervention

After a couple hurriedly to buy their very first home together, their family members grew to incorporate a three-year-old daughter and also two younger twin boys. If the home has been boosted thanks to her interior architecture education, she"s had sufficient of the tiny space on a liven road and also is prepared to expand into a residence with plenty of room to raise their children while functioning from home. He, however, loves the expansive deck, big lot and incredible privacy that their present abode. Boy name is prepared to add some square clip by reconfiguring the room but David is all set to display them some residences that will certainly let castle grow much more efficiently.

Season 14, episode 10 Betting the steed Farm

Their household home top top a more-than-five-acres steed farm is a dream for this horse lover yet her city-raised husband has had actually all he can take. When she admits the house is a bit dated, she loves the exceptional views and abundant outdoor room for your animals, daughters and also guests. He, however, no much longer feels choose there"s enough space indoors for their farming family, his etc collection and also their love that entertaining. David is top top hand to aid find castle a far better compromise but Hilary is hoping she can renovate the home and also convince them come stay.

Season 14, episode 11 All around That Basement

A pair loves their midcentury contemporary ranch residence with that charm and also close proximity come downtown, but they are starting to feel prefer their family members is outgrowing the home and wish they had a an ext functional space. If Hilary make the efforts to uncover a better use of room within their home, David looks for a an ext accommodating house near the downtown scene.

Season 14, episode 12 Starter house Stagnation

A pair once excited by the potential of their household starter home has now grown exhausted of the cookie-cutter concept and lack that space. Hilary greets the an obstacle of finding room while upgrading native builder-grade design, if David tries to to find them a brand-new neighborhood to love.

Season 14, illustration 13 Lackluster Lake home

A pair with an idyllic yet quirky home near a lake is currently feeling cramped after ~ their family members doubled in size. Although they"d love to raise their youngsters in this location, the 1,650-square-foot home doesn"t carry out enough private an are for everyone. When Hilary"s mission is to do them loss in love with their residential property again, David searches because that a much better fit for their family.

Season 14, illustration 14 urban vs. Suburban life

Todd and also Robyn are ready to gain what they want in a home now that their kids have get an impression up and also moved out. Todd desires a many of space for entertaining and also hosting their kids when they visit, conversely, Robyn is persuaded that their future is in a brand-new place downtown within walking street of all their favorite haunts. Designer young name Farr finds an innovative ways to inject new life into this playful couple"s residence while genuine estate certified dealer David Visentin top downtown to discover them a perfect place closer come the action.

Season 14, illustration 15 The impossible Dream house

Steve and also Theresa custom-built their dream residence on a large, exclusive lot, but the residence doesn"t occupational for lock anymore. Steve desires to attend to Theresa"s greatest complaints by solving the kitchen and main bathroom, yet Theresa would rather uncover a smaller home on much less land that"s much better suited come them as they flourish older. Designer Hilary think a renovation will ease Theresa"s concerns, when realtor David sets out to convince the couple that a brand-new home closer come downtown will settle all their problems.

Season 14, illustration 16 three Brothers and a Bedroom

Rachel and also Adam"s family has outgrown their home, with three of your four children sharing one bedroom. Adam watch plenty of potential in the residence to add much more space, but work-at-home mommy Rachel is ready to move to a larger residence with a mudroom, playroom and guest room. Young name Farr hunts because that a means to improve the duty and hidden room in the house, while David Visentin searches because that the home of their desires with room come spare.

Season 14, illustration 17 all Work and No location for that

Michael and also Natalie bought their house in a rush, and after painting, putting on an enhancement and life in it because that a while, she"s still bothered by too many functional issues. She operates an art print and stationery business out that the house, so she would like a specialized office an are with storage. Michael loves the home"s traditional aspects, huge yard and short commute to his job. Designer young name Farr do the efforts to make the house work much better for Natalie so that she can ultimately love living there, while realtor David Visentin works on recognize the couple a new home that they have the right to both get excited about.

Season 14, illustration 18 Nostalgia is Not sufficient

Busy parents through two young kids are struggling in your 1970s house with a choppy floor plan. She persuaded him come buy the property since it"s three doors under from his childhood home, however the nostalgia easily wore off once he realized exactly how much work required to it is in done. While she"s persuaded it"s their forever home, he"s all set to sell and find a suburban new build through extra space.

Season 14, episode 19 master Office concerns

A couple purchased their current home in haste despite it"s flaws therefore they can be closer to work and also school. Although castle love the area, your 1990s residence is dated and does not have all the space, function and style they would certainly prefer. When Hilary is figured out to provide the luxuries they desire from their previous home, David watch to discover them your dream residence in the ar they love.

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Season 14, episode 20 every Work and also No pat

After 6 years in their existing home, Garrett and also Katy disagree over whether the meets their requirements for style and also function. Garrett loves its place in an area v rapidly raising property values, but Katy has never preferred the house and wants a far better workspace for she home-based business. Designer young name Farr has a plan to fix some of the functional issues with the house and also make it more Katy"s style, when realtor David Visentin sets out to discover the family a far better home where they can start over.