Leave the youngsters at home and head come the zoo for adult Night Out: The an excellent Pumpkin Glow. Guests will gain unique pet chats, educational entertainment, a live DJ, and multiple bars throughout the zoo in ~ this after-hours event. No kids. No crowds. Strolling amongst wildlife through a beer, cider, tough seltzer or glass of alcohol in hand. Sound fun? join us! Proceeds benefit Lincoln Park Zoo and help the zoo stay free and open up 365 job a year! acquire your ticket now!


Live music native DJ Marcus Carter animal chats and also enrichment complimentary rides ~ above the at & t Endangered species Carousel Cash bars complimentary face painting Haunted trail Lawn gamings Costumes encouraged! many of spaces to stroll, sit, and sip with friends and also family!

Adults Night Out: Holidaze

Enjoy numerous LED lights, seasonal drinks, an enchanted forest, music, and bars throughout the zoo at this distinct after-hours experience.

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Zoo members: to use your discount, please go into the first three number of her membership identifier in the “Enter promotion Code” ar when to buy tickets.

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It’s our responsibility to minimization barriers and also ensure that everyone can completely experience the zoo. Our programs, spaces, and also facilities are totally accessible to our visitors, volunteers, and staff.

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In accordance with city and state guidelines, you re welcome wear a face covering within all zoo buildings, including animal buildings, restrooms, and the Gift Shop. The influence of COVID-19 on animals remains come be figured out so we evaluate your cooperation. If girlfriend would prefer to go into our animal buildings during your visit, please carry a face covering through you or pick one up in ~ the Gift Shop top top the zoo’s main Mall.

Guests who wish come drive deserve to pay to park in the Lincoln Park Zoo lot of on Cannon Drive. For added information and pricing, you re welcome visit doyourpartparks.org/visit. Lincoln Park Zoo is also easily accessible by publicly transportation. Because of traffic, public transportation is extremely recommended.

If you room not maybe to do it come the event, you have the right to transfer her ticket to a girlfriend or family member. The surname on the ticket walk not require to complement your ID. There room no refunds because that tickets purchased because that special occasions at the zoo.

If tickets remain available, a minimal number the tickets will be for sale in ~ the door because that an advanced price. We highly recommend purchasing ticket in advance, though, together there are a minimal number of tickets for adults Night Out and also it typically sells the end quickly. We cannot guarantee tickets will be accessible at the gates.

We expect you’ll see animals, but we can’t guarantee that (animals can always choose even if it is to be visible; this is an animal welfare consideration). The finest ways to see pets are to attend chats and also enrichment sessions and also to visit animals inside buildings.

? To redeem her member discount once purchasing tickets to this event, click “REGISTER NOW” at the optimal of the website, click “TICKETS,” click “ENTER promotion CODE,” get in the first three number of her Lincoln Park Zoo membership number, pick “APPLY CODE,” choose the number of tickets you wish to purchase and also proceed come checkout.

We introduce purchasing in breakthrough as prices are greater at the door, yet if tickets continue to be we will sell them at the door.

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Lincoln Park Zoo has a strict plan of limited items for this event. Bags will be confirm by protection at the gates. Please keep in mind the listed below prohibited items:

NO external FOOD OR BEVERAGES No water bottles, beverage containers, cans, or bottles No urgently chairs No luggage of any kind of kind No pets (with the exemption of organization animals) No coolers (unless medically required) No illegal building materials No noisemakers or balloons No segways or motor scooters No thermal containers No tools No remote-controlled aircrafts or drones No items deemed dangerous or inappropriate

*As a reminder, an natural risk that exposure come COVID-19 exist in any public place where civilization are present. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious condition that can lead to significant illness and also death. Follow to the Centers for disease Control and Prevention, senior citizens and also guests v underlying medical conditions are particularly vulnerable. By visiting Lincoln Park Zoo, friend voluntarily assume all risks related come exposure to COVID-19.