It seems every couple of years news comes out that Disney"s latest film will attribute the company"s very first openly queer character.

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Seriously, they"ve done it 4 times now, 2017 had actually news the LeFou would be gay in the Beauty and also the Beast remake, the exact same year had Cyrus Goodman in the collection Andi Mack, and also then there was the Officer Specter in Onward. A lot of world missed the gay family members in Frozen too.

But what if ns told you the not just was over there a queer pair before any kind of of these, yet the weren"t just minor characters or happen mentions yet two main personalities who were explicitly and canonically queer method back in 2002 in the Lilo & Stitch franchise.

Yes, Jumba and Pleakley room canonically queer and I"m going come prove it.


Now the initial film didn"t really do much to build their connection as anything more than two drastically contrasting personalities. That does, however, develop Pleakley"s penchant because that dressing in drag.

For this very first film that can easily be dismissed as just a disguise yet this argument quickly loses its weight in the TV collection and pilot film, Stitch! The Movie.

Following the occasions of initial film, the pilot film and collection has Lilo and also Stitch locating the various other 625 experiments and finding their home as one large Ohana, or family, a core design template of the franchise.

Joining Lilo and also Stitch in your adventures are Jumba and Pleakley who have actually moved into Lilo"s old bedroom together "roommates", and often showing up in disguise as Lilo"s Uncle Jumba and Aunt Pleakley.

The disguises are completely unnecessary however, together they don"t need to be hiding the they"re aliens, constantly throughout the collection civilians check out Gantu yet quite than think his stature is as result of gift an alien, castle dismiss this together being because he"s Samoan. So plainly they don"t "pretend" to it is in a couple as a disguise. Also then, they might easily be friends or siblings and not a couple.


The identities they take on are quite simple to understand, in spite of not gift blood loved ones they"re still considered family, quite an in similar way I too have actually aunts and nans who aren"t blood relatives but are still family.

As such Jumba is an uncle however Pleakley chooses to be identified as one aunt and as Jumba"s wife. This element is certainly open to interpretation v Pleakley being either infectious diseases worldwide or non-binary, unfortunately due to the fact that this is simply a very solid and nigh specific interpretation, it"s an interpretation nonetheless and cannot be viewed as canon. If only there was a an ext concrete proof of them together a couple...

Perhaps if lock had obtained married in ~ some point in the series?

Like they carry out in Season 1 episode 14 "Fibber".

In this episode, Pleakley and also Jumba canonically obtain married. The wedding is paid because that by Pleakley"s family, and also is officially ordained through a minister, files signed and also everything.


Some may try to argue the the vows were disingenuous by having Fibber beep instantly afterwards, which he does when someone is lying.

However, this was plainly an intentional misdirect through the writers to prevent backlash versus having Pleakley confess his love come Jumba. Fibber beeps three times in a row, he just beeps once per lie in previous instances, not only this but at this allude he"s still in the house with Stitch therefore the beeping have the right to only be in response to Stitch and not Pleakley together if he had that selection he would certainly be beeping constantly.

Now several of you might say the Jumba and Pleakley couldn"t have obtained married because same-sex marital relationship wasn"t legit in Hawaii until 2013, i m sorry is true. However, because 1997, Hawaii has had actually Reciprocal advantageous Relationships which Jumba and Pleakley could enter. Clearly this to be the intentionally of this episode but due come the complex name, they obviously chose to describe it simply as a marriage as to not confused young viewers and also make their marital relationship seem unusual contrasted to the marriage of right characters.

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So now you see, Disney plainly tried implementing a queer couple nearly twenty years ago but hid that so well under the pretense that aliens in disguise the it completely slipped with the radar of therefore many civilization who never ever thought to also question it.