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Light 'n leisure "The violet Buildings" born in 1970 come one Renee Greenberg that loved purple and also put increase the paint to prove it. Our purple structures have to be landmarks in Boston for over 38 years. 'The violet Buildings' way brand name lighting and ceiling fans at good prices.We love once you buy our lights and we're happy to help you in any way we can; we're no on commission and won't try to market you something you don't need. We've taken the common home furnishings experience, stripped it under to the bare necessities to offer you a much better lighting experience… in ~ a far greater value.If every you require is a pretty dining room chandelier or a irradiate for her remodeled bathroom, execute you really want to salary the price of a bright showroom with developers on staff, an exterior sales force, a full lighting lab because that every room, and also all the linked costs the you are paying for? Why pay for all those extra services you don't need?Come come 'The purple Buildings' because that the precise same, high end, brand name assets at much reduced prices.We've been doing it this means for over 38 years.When you require lighting, come visit The violet Buildings!...Read more

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Sylvester electrical Inc

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As the country depends more and much more on computers and also other develops of automation to do life easier, dependency on electrical power sees an equal increase. So when some component of your home’s electric system starts to malfunction, you need a team that have the right to correct that efficiently, and you require to be able to trust the the project was excellent right. The team at Sylvester electric knows that this trust is very important, because of the potential for hazards in the event of poorly excellent work. However, their team that Dracut electrical specialists have been serving their community for over 30 years, and they space highly skilled in all facets of electric work. From house safety inspections and maintenance to outlet repair and also breaker replacement, even wiring and also installing things like ceiling fans, generators, bright fixtures, and home theaters, this team is committed to offering the best possible quality in all work-related they perform. Contact today to discover out much more about exactly how they can help you! …Read more


Morris heater & Air air conditioning is proud to be Essex County’s many trusted HVAC team since 1998. Whether you require AC or heater maintenance, repairs, or complete replacements and brand-new installations, the local company can take care of it. Expect quality work and customer treatment every time. Morris heater & Air conditioning responds quickly, arrives together scheduled, and leaves no mess behind. Additionally, the agency is available 24 hrs a day, 7 job a mainly for any emergency heater or cooling in Ipswich or the bordering areas. Call now to inquiry a service. Morris heater & wait Conditioning has actually financing choices and unique rebates in place to help with spending plan concerns. Ask around their maintain plans and also online coupons as well to obtain instant savings. …Read much more

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Deao electric

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Fully licensed and insured, Deao electric specializes in residential and also commercial electrical installations and also repairs. Fair pricing, reliability, and quality customer company has to be the structure of our service for end fifteen years. Our Google certified 5 star reputation and customer reviews speak because that themselves. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, and also we would only ask for the chance to prove this to you! …Read an ext