When a user messes v their machine at the source level, the is feasible that troubles may appear. Sometimes, it may seem the the mobile has come to be unusable or that it is a really serious error. This is what wake up to many LG users, that encounter one error blog post that claims “Security Error” . Through this fail the terminal does no start, but luckily the systems is at our fingertips.

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This trouble may show up after rooting or deleting the pre-installed applications top top the mobile. In the very first instance every little thing seems to work correctly, however when we revolve off our LG and also turn it on again, we will watch the dreaded post “Security Error”, come see just how the terminal ultimately turns off, do it impossible to start the system.
The first thing we need to do is download or update the LG USB motorists for Windows. We deserve to do it from this connect by picking our model and downloading the important drivers and softwareThe following step is for our mobile to go into “Download / emergency mode”. To carry out this, we simultaneously press the volume + and volume – buttons and connect the phone come the computer using the USB cable. The “download mode” logo will show up at the bottom that the screen.With this setting activated us disconnect the mobile from the PC and also install the LG mobile Suppor tool recovery device . Then we operation the B2CAppSetup record that will certainly install this application.

Now we should see in the LG Mobile support Tool applications the article “waiting for connection” . Currently we must connect the cell phone phone to the computer using the USB cable, and constantly leaving the “download mode” activated.Inside the applications we walk to Additional> recovery from upgrade error. Now we will need to wait for the program to perform its work and install the phone’s firmware again . Castle are roughly 500-600 MB that will be installed on her mobile.
Once every the process has finished, our LG will reboot through the original manufacturing facility software . It is also feasible to lose the root setups made previously.

Possible mistakes?

On part occasions the process can stay in ~ 4%.

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If this happens, that is recommended to disconnect the mobile, restart the PC and start the process again indigenous the beginning. That is also recommended to remove the microSD card if the is inserted.