An not blocked lyrical analysis of Touch ton Telephone that many of friend have currently probably identified most of.

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Track 2: Touch-Tone Telephone

I think it's pretty clear the this tune is around a conspiracy theorist. He's to be "working on a linked theory", knows "the truth", provides outdated technology, is "an skilled in his field", and there's shoutouts to various real-world conspiracy theory - UFOlogy (the research of unidentified paris object), ancient Aliens (the id that in ~ some suggest during the breakthrough of humanity, there was extraterrestrial intervention), the Super-Sargasso Sea (a purported alternate dimensional aircraft where lost things go), and a point out towards the beginning of a "Brand brand-new species huge cat", a referral to the cryptozoological rumors of large cats not native to Britain gift sighted in the united Kingdom, and "space nazis", the recurring scientific research fiction trope of alien nazis.

But what might be less apparent is the the song appears to be, in the tradition of love songs, a second person ballad handle to someone. In a way, Touch-Tone call IS a love song, albeit one that transforms the idea the love on its head. It seems to be about a narrator that desperately idolizes tv stars native sci-fi and fantasy shows, and is seemingly unable to distinguish in between fantasy and reality.

The entire song is in the second person, indigenous the very first line ("I think it's time for you to know the awful truth; the truth about me, and the truth about you") come the chorus ("I try to call you every day"), come the leg ("I'm an expert just like you; and like you, I'm a genius before my time"). That's obvious when friend think about it.

The first verse betrays that it's handle to the narrator's lovely sci-fi stars, such together Leonard Nimoy (AKA Spock indigenous Star Trek) and also Robert stack (the narrator from Unsolved Mysteries, which might as well be sci-fi and certainly fits the conspiracy theme). And also lines choose "Cause you're the only person in the civilization who'd understand the definition of this" and "I'm one expert just like you" betray the narrator's inability to distinguish in between fantasy and reality (as if their conspiracy theories didn't.)

What's amazing is exactly how stalkery the track is. Like, on first listen the sounds like it's just about a theorist making a breakthrough and wanting no hope to show the human being what he's uncovered (while perhaps being rather delusional), yet when you yes, really look in ~ it you check out lines prefer "I try and I try and I shot to make you hear to me" and "Don't cave up yet, I'm not done", "God cursed it, gonna snap, Leonard Nimoy, call me back", and "Oh, I'm crying now, yes, really tears; they flow out the me as soon as I think about you" you can see a more complete picture forming.

The narrator that Touch-Tone Telephone has actually delusions that grandeur. He thinks he's a genius, an expert, he's working on a combined theory and also if he makes it through tonight everybody's gonna hear that out. He's one expert, he's the one, the one that was right all along. "Better come be laugh at 보다 wrong" - a dead giveaway the he's delusional, the he to know he's mocked and also derided because that his beliefs but he think it need to be true, the won't allow himself to see reality the means everyone rather sees it. Yet rather than actually devoting his time to learning, he's incessantly stalking his favorite TV stars since they have to understand, Mr. Spock needs to understand what ns mean, nobody else understands but Robert stack knows, that narrates Unsolved Mysteries so he's an expert, just like me.

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Also, it's possible that the "AM Radio" heat is a shoutout to shore to coastline AM, a late night paranormal/conspiracy talk display broadcast late nights in north America. Also, the vocal "bap"s at the beginning of the track ceiling a passing resemblance to the beeps developed by a touch-tone telephone.