The Legend that Zelda: Symphony the the Goddesses is an entertaining concert with music and also visuals the leave you wanting more.

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The Legend of Zelda has been making memories for video clip gamers for simply over thirty years, and to celebrate, Nintendo has created a symphony concert the travels throughout the human being for pan to enjoy.

There have been three periods of the tourism so far, and also it’s mirroring no signs of slowing down. Every season supplies a new program with different scores and also arrangements, keeping it fresh for fans. This year’s season, the grasp Quest, brings in piece from the recent Zelda game, Breath the the Wild.



The master Quest season likewise brought pre-recorded clip of Shigeru Miyamoto (creator that the Legend that Zelda), Eiji Aonuma (director and producer of the Legend the Zelda series), and also Koji Kondo (original composer the the Legend of Zelda series) that played transparent the concert. The three gave their perspectives ~ above what the was prefer working v the Zelda collection and, in a great move to see, thanked fans for attending the concert.

The very first score to begin off the concert, “Overture 2017,” to be a consolidation that the miscellaneous Zelda collection themes right into one. Seeing visuals the each video game from the original NES to the Nintendo move projected on the large screen gave me goosebumps and also brought soon a cascade of an excellent memories. It to be a terrific way to start off the concert.

The bulk of the scores in the routine were comprised of a mix of song from one Zelda location that had been linked into one.

In the concert ns attended, the Legend the Zelda: Majora’s Mask’s piece dubbed “Majora’s Mask Medley” to be the an initial of these to it is in played and was immediately followed by “Breath of the Wild.” The score and visuals provided for the latter was based upon the original trailer shown at E3 2016. Admittedly, i was expecting something slightly different, however it was still an excellent to check out the new installment in the program.

Throughout the concert, there were three scores from Ocarina that Time: “Prelude”, “Ocarina that Time” and “Temple the Time Intermezzo”. Ocarina of Time is just one of the most popular Zelda title today. It was the first title come play critical role in the game Each race, area, and also events throughout the game had distinct songs. Previous Zelda titles did not require as many musical pieces contrasted to this one, so having actually three in the routine made sense.

The Legend that Zelda: Wind Waker’s score, “The Wind Waker,” is one more fan favorite, and also even the conductor it s okay involved. In every concert i have attended, the conductor will certainly pull the end the Wind Waker wand to use as their baton–a fun treat because that the fans. The program likewise included a score indigenous the video game “Twilight Princess”, and while the music to be entertaining, the visuals were rehashed a few times.

At the end, the audience is thanked by Miyamoto, Aonuma and Kondo, yet they leaving a hint about surprises in the concert–two extr songs because that the audience’s enjoyment.


This season, it was “Ballad the the Windfish” native Link’s Awakening and also “Goron City Medley” native Breath that the Wild. Both that these piece were done yes, really well, and the visuals had me glued come the screen the entire time. Critical season’s “Ballad the the Windfish” had little in the way of exciting visuals–a generic graphic or arbitrarily shots that the orchestra play in lieu that gameplay footage–and ns was happy to check out an innovation on that. I’ve really appreciated how the editing was done because that this version. “Goron City Medley” to be a track I was not expecting, and also it was rather fun and amusing through the Breath the the Wild visuals playing v it. Overall, these last 2 scores created a an excellent end to the concert.

There is one score ns was hoping to hear that was never ever played, though–a medley dubbed “Dungeons the Hyrule” was absent in this season’s program. It’s one of my favorites, yet as friend add much more songs, you’ll have to take some out.

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I’ve attended three Zelda concerts–once per season in the 3 that they’ve excellent it–and the master Quest season is my current favorite. The Legend the Zelda: Symphony that the Goddesses is a an excellent concert for fans. Also if friend haven’t played every the games, if you’ve delighted in playing Zelda before, you need to attend the concert at least once.