for this reason I"ve gained the scream in mine shouts list and also I"ve unlocked every three components of it, yet I can"t it seems to be ~ to have the ability to use that all, simply the very first part.

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Am I missing something? i still have actually a search for "Learn the an initial word of Durnehviir"s shout" but it"s showing as me having currently got it.

What gives?



Shout in ~ the ground as soon as using this shout. If done effectively he will certainly be summoned immediately on the ground where the shout to be directed. Be certain to press and hold to cast all three words to the scream or it will not work.

Additionally, indigenous the Wiki:

The miscellaneous quest list indicating an open quest "Learn the very first word that Durnehviir"s Shout" is actually referring to heart Tear, one entirely various Shout that Durnehviir will teach to the Dragonborn, one word at a time, during his very first three summonings. Just after that will Durnehviir be of any kind of real use in battle.

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It take it me 2 hrs of browsing online and also walking around shouting in ~ the ground.Here is just how to summon him. Its simple and you will certainly be slapping your forehead(I understand I did).

The shout he gives you in the soul Cairn is "Summon Durnheviir" (obviously).This scream (unlike all the others) takes three dragon souls come unlock that completely.

Very important: that is a three part shout!

I am over emphasizing this because it seems to it is in the one point the other forums ns read perform not explain. Ns only had actually 1 unlocked so the wasn"t greyed the end in my list of shouts and also appeared to be usable. Not the case!

Again: It will certainly not occupational until you invest 3 dragon souls to unlock all three words the the Summon Durnheviir shout.

Once the is done, go to a open area, fairly flat and also shout in ~ the floor in prior of you.

You don"t should be in combat nor do you need to be on completely flat ground. Just a open an are with no trees. (Mammoth camps or farms is a good place.) The area external of Whiterun is wherein I go mine.

Shout at the soil in former of you and also when that appears, the will provide you one native of the spirit tear shout. He will then fly off and circle you because that 5 minutes. (You have the right to use the wait duty to speed this process up).

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Shout again and also he will offer you one more word. Same procedure except you have to wait a pair hours. Usage the wait duty again. Scream a final time and also you"re great to go.Hope this helps.