We choose Mike
Season 7, episode 20
Airdate April 30, 1997
Production Number K1125
Written by Gardner Stern &I.C. Rapoport
command by David Platt
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Law & Order — Season Seven

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We favor Mike is the twentieth episode of the seventh season of regulation & Order, and the one hundreds fifty-fourth episode overall.

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Starring (Law): Jerry Orbach (Detective Lennie Briscoe), Benjamin Bratt (Detective Rey Curtis), S. Epatha Merkerson (Lt. Anita valve Buren)

Starring (Order): Sam Waterston (E.A.D.A. Jack McCoy), Carey Lowell (A.D.A. Jamie Ross), Steven Hill (D.A. Adam Schiff)

Guest Stars: Casey Siemaszko (Shuman), Stuart Burney (Joostens), Ron Frazier (Judge Aldo Iannello), Benny Nieves (Ricky Garcia), Reiko Aylesworth (Tiffany Sherman), Fernando Lopez (Tony Garcia), john Doman (Frank Gottlieb)

and Frank john Hughes (Mike Bodack)

with Sam Reni (Jack), Ronald Weyand (Father Dimitrius), Santo Fazio (Miles), Henry Yuk (Lao), Patricia Mauceri (Virginia Watts) , Marty Grabstein (Ackerman), Steven Goldstein (Rabbi Kornstein), Dina Pearlman (Ruth Gottlieb), Richard Ziman (Dr. Marienthal), Paul O"Brien (Bronx ADA Polk), James Reno (Lt. Brosnan), glen Wein (Pharmacist), Phil Harrison (Stan), Frannie Handman (Gertrude), Michelle Hurst (Public Defender), Robert Montano (CSU Technician), Joseph Riccobene (Policeman), Penelope Willis (Nurse), Fran Reiter (Jury Forewoman), Gaetano Lisi (Technician), Marcell Rosenblatt (Court Reporter)


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Plot Overview

A woman discovers her brothers shot to death in his car and also the investigation leads to a young man (who was first considered a suspect) who assisted the victim change a flat tire, however the man refuses come testify in court as soon as he starts receiving threats.


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The Show

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