I’m putting the Laura Lee Nudie Patootie eyeshadow palette to the test! Is this 100% vegan and cruelty-free formula worth her coin?


Hello there, dreamers! Now. Directly up the Laura Lee Nudie Patootie eyeshadow palette is no a new release.

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It come out in 2018. Therefore it might seem kinda the end of left field that i’m talking about it below on Dream in Lace yet after having SO lot success do the efforts GlamLifeGuru’s Tati beauty palette…I thought hmmmm. I like Laura Lee ~ above YouTube. She’s having a Cyber main sale. Perhaps I need to pick something up — and so i did.

I nothing recall specifically what video it was, yet I do recall in recent background Laura addressing that her makeup line didn’t have actually any new releases right now however she has several in the pipeline for next year.

So! i’m going to be booking myself a point out in line for those when they execute hit market. Because that now? We’re walk to take it a look in ~ her huge nude color pension – since y’know. I just can’t get enough of those… ha!

Laura Lee Nudie Patootie Eyeshadow Palette

When the Laura Lee Nudie Patootie palette landed on my doorstep ns was candid shook through the size. To trust me, these pictures do not do justice the range of just how mighty this beauty is!! to trust me as soon as I to speak the palette is LONG. I’m also quite smitten through the name. It’s simply darn cute!

Tucked inside are 14 full-sized shades – through a generous mixture of 8 mattes, 4 shimmers and 2 foils.

I know from watching her YouTube channel the Laura Lee is nice picky as soon as it involves eyeshadows. On more than one chance I’ve watched she thumbs down shadows I in reality quite choose so ns was eager to watch what she would lug to the table with her very own palette.

Down below, ok walk girlfriend through whatever you must know around Nudie Patootie and if it’s worth adding to her collection.

Shop the Palette

Laura Lee Los Angeles Nudie Patootie color board ($45)



Meet the 14 shades included in the Laura Lee Nudie Patootie Palette:

Stark: Shimmery ivory whiteExposed: Shimmery pewterUndressed: Matte honey nudeAu Naturale: Bronze foil shadow threaded v glitterTopless: Shimmery chrome pink threaded v gold glitterReveal: Matte taupe brownStriking: Matte dark bisqueJaybird: Copper foil threaded through goldUncover: Shimmery soft champagneButt Naked: Matte heat brownStrip: Matte golden mustardBuff: Shimmery deep brown with warmth undertonesBare: Matte peachNakey Nakey: Matte deep brown through cool undertones

Looking in ~ the shade selection, i was instantly impressed!

While the palette is by surname a neutral palette, it ventures into brand-new territory the none of the neutral palettes currently living in my collection touch. Together as, ns really love the pewter shade “Exposed” and also think it’s rather unique that Laura Lee consisted of a mustard yellow and also a matte pink.



Shop the Palette: Laura Lee LA Nudie Patootie ($45)

Texture and also Consistency:

Right away, I want to say that every one of the shades consisted of in the Laura Lee Nudie Patootie eyeshadow palette are SOFT. As such, they carry out come v a fair amount that kickback however it’s kickback i’ll take since of how conveniently they blend out. The shadows have actually a an extremely buttery formula the smooths on quickly both v brushes and also your finger.

I’ll likewise say that the shadows are very easy to occupational – no issue your skill level.

How lengthy do the shadows last?

Here’s whereby I personally get super picky. I simply cannot it is in bothered through eyeshadow that flakes off in just a couple of hours. I also can’t it is in bothered come touch up transparent the day. I choose bullet-proof eyeshadows that last all day lengthy – best up come the minute I wash them off. Well, this fit the bill!

Of course, together always, I do recommend using an eyeshadow primer. I choose this one indigenous LORAC or this one indigenous Wet n Wild.

Cruelty complimentary and vegetables Formula

Animal lover rejoice due to the fact that the Laura Lee Nudie Patootie eyeshadow formula is certified cruelty-free and vegan. Hallelujah!

Where have the right to You have the right to Buy the Palette

Unfortunately, in ~ the minute the Laura Lee Nudie Patootie eyeshadow color pension is only accessible on the Laura Lee Los Angeles website. Hopefully that will adjust down there road yet shipping was quick! Laura Lee’s website likewise accepts Afterpay need to you prefer to use that together well.

For the ideal value: i recommend choose the color pension up v a bundle. Such as, i purchased a best-sellers bundle through the color board that also included a highlighting palette, lip gloss and a loosened highlighter for only $44. That’s a steal if girlfriend ask me!



Nudie Patootie Rundown:

SUPER soft and also blendable formulaNicely pigmentedLong-lasting shadows14 shades consisted of – 8 mattes, four shimmers and also 2 foilsCertified Vegan and Cruelty-Free formulaPriced at $45 yet can it is in purchased with bundles for much better savingsUnique neutral color selection that likewise includes a yellows, pinks and a highlight pewterPerfect for beginnersCardboard packaging v a full-sized mirror

Overall Grade: B+

Overall, ns really am rather taken v the Laura Lee Nudie Patootie palette! It’s a substantial palette the truly has a lot to sell in terms of versatility. The shades are everyday neutrals, but likewise quite various than any kind of of the plenty of other neutral palettes I already own. Therefore all-in-all, Laura Lee’s produced something that does add value come my makeup collection.

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My only wish is that among the matte blending shades to be swapped the end for a black. I’m all around smoking the end a look with black shadow so the would have actually made for a wonderful addition to the shade lineup. If ns was to poll one the shade out, i think butt Naked would certainly go together it doesn’t really attain anything that Streak doesn’t currently do as soon as worn top top the eyes.

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