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Kurulus Osman episode 35 Review

In Kurulus Osman illustration 35, Nikola takes his sword out of the fire and also continues to talk to Osman. Osman assaults Nikola through a little knife in his hand and stabs him numerous times. While Flatyos and the soldiers shot to go into the room, Osman escapes v the secret passage within the fireplace. Goktug and also Boran shoot arrows at the byzantine soldiers from the fortress walls. Aygul opens the door of the castle, and also the Turks leaving the castle. Everything happens follow to Osman’s plan. Flatyos cannot record Osman.

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In Kurulus Osman episode 35, oriental soldiers realize the Nikola is around to die. Flatyos comes right into the room and talks come Nikola. Climate Flatyos lays Nikola’s sword and also the roman flag over his body. Flatyos takes out the knife indigenous his chest and Nikola opens his eyes. The next morning, Osman and the Alps set a catch for the byzantine soldiers adhering to them and also kill them. Aygul asks if Nikola is dead, however Osman replies the he couldn’t pole his knife into his heart.

Aygul claims that she currently wants to fight and help Osman. Bala takes treatment of Aygul’s baby and is upset the she walk not have a boy of her own. When Selcan make the efforts to patience Bala down, Targun asks questions around Osman. Medical professionals treat Nikola’s wound. Despite being injured, Nikola speaks and also tells him the he is now reborn. Nikola swears he will take his revenge top top the Kayi. Osman and the Alps camp in a quiet place in the forest. Aygul consist of the wound top top her arm without any help.

In Kurulus Osman episode 35, Dundar hugs Aygul and takes his grandson in his hands. Osman and also Bala walk to their tents. Nikola order Flatyos to attack Sogut with the soldiers and also destroy it. Kumral Abdal climbs a tree and also prays to Allah. Flatyos and Cerkutay watch him praying in the tree, but they continue to relocate forward. Cerkutay asks what taken place to Nikola and also talks to Flatyos.

Osman claims he thinks Targun is a traitor and asks Bala to follow her. Boran speak Osman that Kumral saw Flatyos on his method to Sogut. Once Yavlak tells the Savci around what Osman has done, Osman comes. Yavlak claims that Osman damaged his plan and also Nikola was no dead. Osman says he can kill Nikola whenever the wants. Yavlak states that Nikola desires to do peace. Gunduz says tranquility talks deserve to be dangerous, yet Yavlak insists that he wants to do a tranquility agreement.

Osman says that this peace commitment is a setup of Nikola. Meanwhile, Nikola sends out the flour kegs native the castle to Sogut and asks Flatyos to use them. Savci defends Yavlak, but Osman opposes them. Yavlak cannot take it any type of longer and also gets angry v Osman. Yavlak claims he will assault Inegol throughout the peace negotiations. Yavlak says that Nikola is fear of him and also therefore that cannot harm anyone. Osman says that Inegol need to be attacked later and also that Savci need to not go to tranquility talks.

In Kurulus Osman illustration 35, when Ertugrul learns what Osman has done, he is happy and also prays for him. Targun asks around Aygul and also talks come Lena. Meanwhile, Selcan comes and also tries to learn something indigenous Targun. Hazal and also Aygul fulfill once again in Dundar’s tent. Aygul claims she will certainly kill she mother’s murderer. Hazal tells the Aygul’s mother was make the efforts to kill everyone and also talks about the truth. Lena comes and defends Hazal. When Aygul and also Lena room fighting, Hazal pulls she dagger.

When Savci find out about the fight, he stops going and also tries to calm Aygul. Flatyos’ soldiers dress like merchants and put their powder kegs right into Sogut. Dundar and also Savci enter the byzantine castle. Bala stalks Targun and also sees her talk to someone. In Kurulus Osman episode 35, Targun realizes she is gift followed and kills the byzantine spy come prove she innocence. Targun speak Bala there is a spy top top the plain and deceives her. Savci and also Dundar shot to talk around peace, yet Nikola is uncomfortable v their behavior and also asks them if they desire war.

Flatyos and also spies placed gunpowder all over Sogut. Nikola desires to make a harsh peace deal. Dundar wants to include a clause to the peace agreement. Nikola summons his soldiers and stabs Dundar in the hand. Flatyos goes to a blacksmith and says he needs a fire. This blacksmith is Osman and also attacks Flatyos. Cerkutay puts the flour kegs in one inn, yet Bamsi stops him before he detonates them. Osman catches Flatyos but learns the Savci and Dundar are prisoners in the castle. Dundar realizes that Yavlak is lying.

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