I have seen a couple of episode of of learning Brothers and also it"s for this reason funny. I wanted to check out them in order I found episode 1 in eng sub on Kshow123 yet I cant discover the rest of them. I understand Kshow123 has episode 21 and up in english sub yet I wanted to clock from the beginning.

Also I know it"s so Netflix but they only have actually some not all illustration it skips around.

Does anyone know where i can uncover episode 1-20 in Eng Sub?????

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Bojo jojo

if you"re still searching for them, i discovered them here: http://kisstvshow.to/Show/Knowing-Bros

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Q climbed - ( Q 로즈 ) author

Thank u

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I discovered them top top Netflix however the very first season doesn"t have them all. The last 2 seasons do though!

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Q increased - ( Q 로즈 ) writer

Okay many thanks for the details