King of the Hill Theory: Dale constantly Knew about Joseph's True Father countless thought the King the the Hill"s Dale Gribble didn"t understand the truth around his son, Joseph, yet that might not it is in the case.

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King that the Hill Dale Gribble
In the fictional city of Arlen, Texas, a team of high college buddies still live in the same community as adults. The friendship between Hank Hill, invoice Dauterive, Dale Gribble and Boomhauer was at the core of King of the Hill. While they might talk around almost anything, the boys simply couldn"t call Dale the truth around his son, but maybe Dale knew all along and chose this life.

Dale to be married come Nancy Hicks-Gribble, a previous beauty queen turned TV news anchor. She seemed prefer a relatively nice person, in spite of spending 14 year of her marriage cheating on Dale v a man named man Redcorn. Despite the truth that virtually everyone in the neighborhood knew about this, Dale somehow stayed oblivious come the truth that this ongoing breach of to trust was happening right under his nose.

Even worse, Dale was likewise depicted together being fully unaware of the truth around his only son, Joseph. It was apparent that Joseph was John"s son, with John being indigenous American and Joseph physically sharing several traits with him, if Dale and also Nancy are not native American.

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The only other adult in the community who wasn"t completely aware of the instance was Peggy Hill. When she operated it out, she intended come tell Dale however couldn"t carry herself to do it, believing the reality would destroy him and his family. His friends maintained the fact from him for the the very same reason, yet it"s also entirely feasible that Dale was aware of what was going on between Nancy and also John, as well as the truth around Joseph.

many fans believe Dale to be blinded by his unrelenting love for Nancy. That would have actually done anything because that her, however Dale was likewise a paranoid conspiracy theorist who constantly believed people were working against him, over evaluating every detail. Nevertheless of his remote love for Nancy, no seeing what to be happening do no sense for his character, and what makes an ext sense would be Dale knowing the truth and choosing to neglect it because the his love because that Nancy.

Realistically, Nancy was out of Dale"s league. Why she fell for him was never fully explored, yet presumably his strange personality stood out, and also his earnest feelings won her over. As time passed, the wasn"t sufficient for Nancy, and also she began cheating top top him through a more attractive man, but she couldn"t leave Dale anymore than he can leave her. There to be an underlying love in their relationship, which Dale determined to protect over anything else.

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Dale didn"t have actually an ego come speak of and wasn"t embarrassed by anything, therefore the fact that his wife was cheating wouldn"t have actually likely bothered him. Plus, Dale deeply love his son, and also who Joseph"s biological father to be wouldn"t have mattered in the least to him. Dale had a family he cared about, and he"s the form of male to permit Nancy have actually what she necessary to keep that family.

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Part method through the series, Nancy fell ago in love v Dale and ended points with John. That didn"t make her cheating on the appropriate, however it reinforced the idea the Dale was completely aware of the situation. The knew he was in a partnership with Nancy because that the long haul, no issue what happened. Even though John was around, Dale was still number one in her heart, even if she forgot that for a while.