Hi, my Kenmore series 80 washer is not constantly spinning. Sometimes I deserve to correct that by slamming the lid down. Various other times I turn the inside of the washer a small and as a last will I must tip the device back and let it autumn a couple of inches. Periodically its a mix of these points that do it work. I currently replaced the lid switch. Wonder what to examine next. Thanks

Please article model # have the right to help better if we understand which washer we space talking about. Version # is found under lid in back. Sounds favor you have a bad lid switch however some machines are switch is in different positions.

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Wow the was quick! design # 110.26862503. I already replaced the lid switch. It to be somehow broken, most likely from slamming the lid down. The lid appears a tiny loose???
Your washer is the factor I necessary the model #. Tighten or replace the screws if missing in the left side of the lid. Really common difficulty with that model. If tho a trouble after tightening the screws reach in between top and bath tub and slightly bend the bar up.
Thanks because that the help. Finally had time come look in ~ it again, The screws were loosened and ns tightened them. The washer goes v all the cycles and also the motor runs yet the bathtub still doesn"t spin. So how do ns bend the lever? carry out I bend it up through the lid open, or perform I should bend the so that goes higher with the lid closed?
Does the bath tub drain ?If the drains..... The switch is ok. Every increment on a timer is 3 minutes. The timer puts the washer into drainpipe mode. The washer should drainpipe for 3 minutes. In ~ the end of the 3 minutes.... Everything should close up door off and also be entirely quiet because that a couple of seconds. Climate the motor need to restart in the rotate mode. If that doesn"t pause after draining..... That won"t spin.
Lean washer back versus wall. Look at under if and see if there is a streak the oil around 6 inch up roughly inside the the cabinet. If therefore you need a gearcase top seal and also clutch. When there also replace the journey coupler. Around 30 come 40 dollars in parts.
I think it to be the clutch. I replaced it and also it appears to be working again. Many thanks all who available help.

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Clutches just don"t start slipping Did friend look for the streak that oil. Only reason i have uncovered for clutch slipping is a oil leak. Oil leaks the end of optimal seal and also goes increase the shaft into clutch.

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