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Genius states they’ve uncovered Kendrick Lamar’s “terrible ass song” that he referenced in a current interview v Forbes because that their renowned “30 Under 30” issue. As it turns out, it’s actually not as negative as the rapper previously known together K. Dot makes it sound in the interview. According to Genius’s research, it’s called “B*tch, I’m In The Club” and also it lives on C4, the young Kendrick’s mixtape payment homage come Lil Wayne’s The Carter collection of albums.

The evidence that this is the song he to be referring to originates from a July 2017 Kendrick Lamar appearance on LA’s large Boy’s community morning radio show, whereby Kung-Fu Kenny revealed that he once made a wack record and also that it could still be found on Youtube. The quote indigenous the Forbes interview similarly mentioned the the song can still be discovered online. Kendrick to be asked what moment he believed he’d truly made it, come which that responded:

“I think once I make a damaging single, and that shit was just garbage. That’s the real minute for sure. It’s the genuine moment because at that allude you’re at your lowest, and what friend think you have to be doing, but at the same time, i wasn’t conscious that the was my highest point because ns got ago in there and also I walk it all over again and continued to push through. That’s as soon as I realized i really wanna do this since I ain’t give up as soon as I make a damaging ass song.”

And once asked to specify which one, Kendrick responded, “It to be a difficult drive complete of them, ns can’t even tell you one. I stated this more than likely in an interview a when back, it’s a record … Nah, i ain’t also gonna say the name, cause y’all it is in looking it up and finding it and also everything.”

While there’s no guarantee the “B*tch, I’m In The Club” is exactly the song that he was referring to, it’s certainly an out-of-character song, also for the younger K. Dot that he to be at the time.

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Its visibility is largely attributed to the popular of Lil Wayne at the time and also Kendrick’s reverence for among his favourite rappers.

Is “B*tch, I’m In The Club” really as bad as Kendrick says or just an easily glossed-over youthful indiscretion? check it out below and also weigh in.