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Keeping Up through The Kardashians returns tonight with an all brand-new Sunday January 17, season 11 illustration 9, called “Fear the the Unknown” and we have actually your weekly recap below. Top top tonight’s episode, Kris Jenner encourages her daughters to take it a hereditary test to recognize their threats for cancer, but not anyone is on board.

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On the last episode, Kourtney wasn’t all set for a huge product beginning in brand-new York City, which gained the fist of her sisters. Meanwhile, a an extremely pregnant Kim by chance upsetted her ideal friend Jonathan; and Kylie received some sisterly advice about making the most out of she newfound opportunities. Did girlfriend watch critical week’s episode? If you missed it, we have actually a full and detailed recap right right here for you.

On tonight’s illustration per the E! synopsis “Kris urges her daughters to take a hereditary test to recognize their risks for cancer, but not anyone is top top board. Meanwhile, Kendall battles to discover a balance in her partnership with Caitlyn; and also the family help Scott, who hits a low point while Kourtney is out of town with friends.”

Tonight is going come be another crazy episode that girlfriend won’t want to miss and neither carry out I, for this reason be sure to track in because that our live coverage that E!’s “Keeping Up with The Kardashians” tonight at 9PM EST! Meanwhile, while girlfriend wait for our recap hit the comment section and let us know exactly how excited friend are about this season that KUWTK, what has actually been her favorite part so far in this eleventh season?

Tonight’s episode starts now – refreshing Page regularly to gain the most present updates!

Kris and Khloe room at that again on tonight’s all new episode that “Keeping Up v The Kardashians”. only Kris wasn’t the one at fault.

Usually Kris tends to come up v these outlandish principles and, once that happens, it’s her kids that tell her she’s one of two people gone as well over the optimal or that she was just being silly. And sometimes that can lead come a fight within the family. Yet the wasn’t the situation recently.

Kris girlfriend see had actually wanted her family members to gain a genetics test which admittedly is top top trend however such a test might determine even if it is or no they were greatly predisposed come certain varieties of cancer. I beg your pardon by the method could also assist them take preventive steps seeing together cancer is never a joke. And Kris more than anyone rather knew that.

Kris’s own mother had actually survived both colon and breast cancer. And also not that long ago, Khloe had a nasty run-in with skin cancer. So every one of that made Kris think that forewarned is forearmed and most the her children ended up agreeing v her.

The Kardashian clan knew they had actually cancer on your father side and also their mother’s. Therefore, both Kim and Kourtney agreed to get their blood drawn as the same time as Mom. Which to be literally the job of their photo-shoot.

Apparently there to be a goth inspired household photo-shoot and Kris had actually arranged because that the male that to be going to be drawing blood come come by the set. Because that was wherein all the girls to be going to be and also it would assist him acquire them every in one dropped swoop. However, Khloe refuse to gain her blood drawn or even a cheek swabbed.

She had come with the lame pardon of not having time even though she was sitting in a assembly chair and also getting retouched once she said that. So normally her mom then do the efforts to allude out the it wouldn’t also take a full 5 minutes yet Khloe was just going to perform it. And also that led to her later fighting through her mother who believed Khloe was being specifically childish about the test.

Yet Khloe eventually defined herself and also she hadn’t been together nonchalant around the test as she appeared. It seems she did think about her future and also whether or no she can get sick yet she assumed if she ignored the test climate she can ignore the cancer subject altogether. As if her household was ever going come let it drop.

So Khloe was hounded around her decision till she finally readjusted into a more reasonable one. And also got herself tested.

And therefore Khloe to be going to be gaining her results together with her family. However, that compelled a trip to san Diego and Kourtney to be going to be taking a lot needed mommy break around the same time. Hence Khloe and also Kim volunteered to clock Kourtney’s enlarge kids and also soon pertained to regret the decision when they uncovered themselves trapped in a auto for three hours with Mason, Penelope, and also North.

Kris had believed the youngsters would simply drop off during the roadway trip however they hadn’t. The little one ended up continuing to be awake and had also come up v yelling because that the services of it together a song. For this reason both Khloe and also Kim had actually been escape to the car and later they were also happier to hear they have actually less than forty percent opportunity of gaining cancer.

But earlier home, Kendall concerned have a conversation that she desperately necessary with her dad. It looks choose Kendall has been emotion disconnected lately. And it make her believe that she can not talk with her dad choose she normally would have.

Though Caitlyn told her the she was still her dad and that naught else has really changed. Therefore by time they had finished talking about their relationship, kendal felt much more assured of the link she has actually with Caitlyn. And they both felt like things can be easier in between them in future.

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Only Scott’s future to be a concern on everyone’s psychic after Khloe referred to as him and also he started talking about how screw his life was. And also that had actually made the household concerned around his emotionally well-being.