People look approximately the divine powers to aid them in time of difficulties. Such was the time when the Nizam that Hyderabad readily available his prayers to Katta Maisamma in 1908 as soon as the city was affected by constant floods. The was only after the Nizam built the holy place on Tank Bund that the Hussain Sagar Lake and also offered prayers there the the floods in Hyderabad might come under control and also the city was saved from the devastating damages the the rage of the water in the lake.

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Katta Maisamma Temple refers to the bridge across the flow or lake or the bund. The temple is located at the present day lower tank bund, near Indira Park, between Hyderabad and Secunderabad. That is believed that the Goddess imparts her favors and blessings on the devotees while cross the bridge. In basic terms the Goddess, an epitome of ‘Shakti’ is thought to bestow powers within she devotees to fight the many adversities of life. Such a belief is prevalent everywhere Telangana.

People in Telangana are firm believer in Katta Maisamma. The Goddess is thought about the supreme Power. She is prayed because that not just safety but additionally for imparting an excellent health, happiness and prosperity. She is additionally considered the universal mommy who protects her youngsters from the accidents of life.

The celebration event of the Bonalu festival is really popular here. The festival is commemorated in the month of ashad i.e. July – August. Women bring earthen pots decorated through turmeric and also vermillion include the rice dish through jaggery, milk and also curd to the temple to sell them to the Goddess. The festival concludes v the immersion of the Ghatam together with that from many other temples. A big number the devotees visit the temple throughout the Bonalu festival.

The Karthik month, another religious month together per the Hindu calendar is also celebrated in the holy place in a huge way. The month that Karthik is the eight lunar month and also is much more known because that the Lakshmi Puja and also the Govardhan Puja.

The temple is associated to the roads and also transport network. Being in between the urban of Hyderabad and Secunderabad, it can be reached quickly from both the places. This location is fixed 8 kms from the Mahatma Gandhi bus in Gowliguda and around 5 kms native the Jubilee Bus station in Secunderabad. The Nampally railway station or the Hyderabad terminal is just 3 kms far from the temple. Moreover, one finds the auto rickshaws and also the regional city busses in regular intervals in the city. Hence reaching the location should not be a problem.

Such a holy place or ar of worship need to not let go by friend if you room visiting the city because that the an initial time. It is just one of the ancient and a very significant place of worship in the city. Such a place devoted to the Goddess signifying security of she devotees while cross the bridge is fairly rare.

Temple Timings:Morning : 6 am to 12 pm.Evening : 4 afternoon to 8 pm.

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Address:Lower Tank Bund,Kavadiguda,Hyderabad,Telangana 500029.

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