KPAC Lalitha demands no introduction. The seasoned actress who began her career from the black and white era continues to entertain her audience. The talented actress has actually refined her acting chops and also aging prefer old wine, she surprises she fans every day. You might know a lot about the stunning actress. But, did you know that her actual name is Maheshwari Amma? Yes, you read it right! KPAC Lalitha’s real name is Maheshwari Amma.

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The actress was born to she parents ~ a wait of five years. She parents prayed come the Goddess in the Chengannur temple for a child and were later blessed through one. As the Goddess’ name was Maheshwari Amma, loved ones of her mom decide to surname the actress after the Goddess. Yet her father named her Lalitha later. As the actress was so enclosed to she father, ~ above entering the drama troupe the KPAC, the actress made decision to store the name and thus adopted the surname KPAC Lalitha!
One of the veteran gibbs in M-Town, KPAC Lalitha literally grew up through Malayalam cinema. Starting off together a theatre artist, she made she debut in cinema with K. S. Sethumadhavan"s directorial ‘Koottukudumbam’. KPAC Lalitha that was also the mam of the late filmmaker Bharathan has appeared in end 500 movies. Actor-director seed heart Bharathan is your son. The actress has remained in the Malayalam movies since the last 5 decades. "Kodiyettam", "Amaram", "Mathilukal", and also "Shantham," are several of her well-known movies. She to be last watched in Anoop Sathyan’s directorial ‘Varane Avashyamund’.

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