Over the previous eight years, few pop artist have endured a faster roller-coaster career ride than Justin Bieber, who increased to fame through phenomenal rapidity. From a precocious YouTube star in the late '00s to the tattooed heartthrob that today, Bieber has grown up prior to our very eyes -- and also now, he’s ready to get in the following phase the his career. Relive the high of his time in the spotlight v thistimeline.

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Hailing from Stratford, Ontario, Justin Bieber was found on YouTube after posting homemade videos and meeting usher by chance. In October 2008, water level signed Bieber together a teen protege to Island Def Jam, and also the young singer began prepping his debut arsenal of songs.


In may 2009, Bieber exit “One Time,” a rhythmic pop tune co-created through “Tricky” Stewart and The-Dream, together his debut single. The video for the single, which featured a cameo indigenous Usher, now has close to 400 million YouTube views.

Following the prompt success of “One Time,” Bieber exit My World as his debut EP in November 2009. The seven-song arsenal featured “One less Lonely Girl,” which came to be a peak 20 struggle on the hot 100 chart, and also the Usher participation “First Dance.”

Bieber complied with up the effective singles “One Time” and also “One much less Lonely Girl” through a ideal mainstream breakout hit: “Baby,” created by “Tricky” Stewart and also The-Dream and also featuring Ludacris, came to be an worldwide smash upon its January 2010 release, getting to No. 5 on the hot 100 chart and spawning one of the most-viewed videos in YouTube’s history.

On April 10, 2010, Bieber make his Saturday Night Live debut to carry out “Baby” and “U Smile,” and also appeared in lot of sketches with host Tina Fey. Both songs to be featured top top My people 2.0, which debuted at No. 1 ~ above the doyourpartparks.org 200 albums chart when it was released in march 2010.

Bieber made his function film debut in Justin Bieber: never Say Never, a 3-D concert film that recorded his childhood and behind-the-scenes action of his "My World" tour. With a full gross the $73 million, Never say Never ranks as the No. 1 music concert film of every time come date.

In November 2011, Bieber proved off a maturing voice on his first holiday release, Under The Mistletoe. The album, featuring the solitary “Mistletoe” and collaborations with Busta Rhymes, Boyz II Men, The tape Perry and Mariah Carey, notched another No. 1 album debut for Bieber.

Bieber’s highly anticipated 2012 studio album was came before by lead solitary “Boyfriend,” which was released in march 2012. The single, which to be co-written by Mike Posner, debuted in ~ No. 2 ~ above the hot 100 chart, and remains the highest-peaking single of Bieber’s career hence far.

With a hit single in “Boyfriend,” Bieber unleashed his Believe album in June 2012, and collected an ext top 10 hits through “As lengthy As girlfriend Love Me” with large Sean and “Beauty and also a Beat” through Nicki Minaj. By marketing over 350,000 duplicates in its very first frame, Believe score the biggest debut sales mainly of 2012 at the time of its release.

In September 2012, Bieber kicked turn off the greatest tour that his career once the "Believe" trek opened up in Glendale, Ariz. Carly Rae Jepsen -- whose solitary “Call Me Maybe” got a big boost native Bieber earlier in 2012 -- was among the openers top top the globe-spanning arena tour.

By collecting his fifth No. 1 album top top the doyourpartparks.org 200 chart through Believe Acoustic in January 2013, Bieber came to be the just artist ever to have notched 5 No. 1 albums before transforming 19 year old. Believe Acoustic contained eight acoustic and live tracks from the Believe album, and three brand-new songs.

At the 2013 doyourpartparks.org Music Awards in may 2013, Bieber obtained the first-ever Milestone Award following multiple performances, consisting of a duet with Will.i.am on "#THATPOWER."

In October 2013, Bieber started releasing a collection of moody R&B tracks every Monday because that 10 weeks straight, starting with “Heartbreaker.” The song were ultimately bundled into a release title Journals.

Bieber spent the very first quarter that 2015 prepping his comeback through taping a roast of self for Comedy central (which aired march 30), showing up with Madonna on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and joining artists like Ariana Grande and also Skrillex for surprised performances.

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Justin Bieber scored his first top 10 hit due to the fact that early 2013 when "Where space Ü Now," his participation with Skrillex & Diplo as part of your Jack Ü album, reached No. 8 top top the warm 100 chart.