Before you go any kind of further permit me warn you the these space going to spoil a lot of things for you regarding everything brand-new you gain in Destiny 2.0.

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There room a total of 105 pursuits that friend will be able to embark on with the Destiny 2.0 update, and they have been divided amongst numerous aspects. For instance, some are regarded the personality classes, part are straight related come The taken King and then there are many others.

You have the right to read increase on your names below, and if the is not enough visit this Reddit thread come get certain details top top steps and also rewards for each among them:

The taken King Quests

A broken WillA knife ReforgedBlighted WorldsThe Court of OryxThe roadway to King’s FallThe bring away War: EarthThe take away War: MarsThe bring away War: Venus

Misc Quests

Against the HiveFruit that the GardenHouse that WolvesNothing Left however the FallSuccessor to the ThroneThe Dark BelowThe Legion’s BeachheadThe bring away KingThe wolf of Mars

Exotic Quests

A sword ReforgedA sword ReforgedA sword ReforgedClassifiedHunger PangsHunger PangsHunger PangsJolly HollidayShattered PastThe Old Hunger

Hunter Quests

A Hunter RisesDraw native the VoidJust a handful of BulletsLegend that the HunterLegend of the HunterPath that the BladedancerPath the the GunslingerSheathed LightningThe Nightstalker’s Trail

Warlock Quests

A track For the SunA Warlock RisesFulminatorLegend the the WarlockLegend of the WarlockPath the the SunsingerPath the the VoidwalkerThe Stormcaller’s PathVoidmaster

Titan Quests

A Titan RisesArmored VoidFlameforgedLegend of the TitanLegend of the TitanPath that the DefenderPath that the StrikerStriking FistThe Sunbreakers’ Challenge

Gunsmith Quests

Back in the SaddleBack in the SaddleBack in the SaddleBack in the SaddleBack in the SaddleBack in the SaddleImprecation

Queens Quests

Lost and FoundThe bring away War: Petra

Crucible Quests

Break the CeilingConquer the DayCrucible CombatCrucible ForgedFactionsImpress mr ShaxxThe MountaintopTrials PracticeWeapon Master

Vanguard Quests

A Cry for HelpBounty HunterHigh-Value TargetsNeverending BattlePatrols 101The Vanguard’s HandVeteran’s Tour

Future war Cult Quests

Champion of the CultClassified

New Monarchy Quests

The Executor’s Champion

Dead Orbit Quests

The Arach’s Champion

Shipwright Quests

A Nod from CaydeMake the Vanguard Smile

Are friend liking Destiny 2.0 update already?


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