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The journal of materials in Civil design covers the development, processing, evaluation, applications, and also performance of building materials in polite engineering.
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The collection of journals have actually been ranked follow to their SJR and divided into four equal groups, four quartiles. Q1 (green) comprises the 4 minutes 1 of the journals with the greatest values, Q2 (yellow) the 2nd highest values, Q3 (orange) the third highest values and also Q4 (red) the shortest values.

Building and Construction1999Q1
Building and also Construction2000Q2
Building and also Construction2001Q1
Building and Construction2002Q1
Building and also Construction2003Q2
Building and Construction2004Q1
Building and also Construction2005Q1
Building and Construction2006Q1
Building and Construction2007Q1
Building and also Construction2008Q2
Building and Construction2009Q1
Building and also Construction2010Q2
Building and Construction2011Q1
Building and Construction2012Q1
Building and Construction2013Q1
Building and also Construction2014Q1
Building and also Construction2015Q1
Building and also Construction2016Q1
Building and also Construction2017Q1
Building and Construction2018Q1
Building and also Construction2019Q1
Building and also Construction2020Q1
Civil and Structural Engineering1999Q2
Civil and also Structural Engineering2000Q2
Civil and Structural Engineering2001Q1
Civil and also Structural Engineering2002Q1
Civil and Structural Engineering2003Q2
Civil and Structural Engineering2004Q1
Civil and Structural Engineering2005Q1
Civil and Structural Engineering2006Q2
Civil and Structural Engineering2007Q1
Civil and also Structural Engineering2008Q2
Civil and Structural Engineering2009Q1
Civil and Structural Engineering2010Q2
Civil and Structural Engineering2011Q2
Civil and also Structural Engineering2012Q1
Civil and Structural Engineering2013Q1
Civil and Structural Engineering2014Q1
Civil and also Structural Engineering2015Q1
Civil and also Structural Engineering2016Q1
Civil and also Structural Engineering2017Q1
Civil and also Structural Engineering2018Q1
Civil and also Structural Engineering2019Q1
Civil and Structural Engineering2020Q1
Materials scientific research (miscellaneous)1999Q2
Materials scientific research (miscellaneous)2000Q2
Materials scientific research (miscellaneous)2001Q1
Materials science (miscellaneous)2002Q2
Materials scientific research (miscellaneous)2003Q2
Materials science (miscellaneous)2004Q1
Materials scientific research (miscellaneous)2005Q2
Materials science (miscellaneous)2006Q2
Materials science (miscellaneous)2007Q1
Materials scientific research (miscellaneous)2008Q2
Materials science (miscellaneous)2009Q1
Materials science (miscellaneous)2010Q2
Materials scientific research (miscellaneous)2011Q2
Materials scientific research (miscellaneous)2012Q1
Materials scientific research (miscellaneous)2013Q1
Materials science (miscellaneous)2014Q1
Materials science (miscellaneous)2015Q1
Materials science (miscellaneous)2016Q1
Materials science (miscellaneous)2017Q1
Materials science (miscellaneous)2018Q1
Materials science (miscellaneous)2019Q1
Materials science (miscellaneous)2020Q1
Mechanics the Materials1999Q2
Mechanics that Materials2000Q2
Mechanics of Materials2001Q1
Mechanics that Materials2002Q2
Mechanics the Materials2003Q2
Mechanics of Materials2004Q2
Mechanics of Materials2005Q2
Mechanics of Materials2006Q2
Mechanics the Materials2007Q2
Mechanics that Materials2008Q2
Mechanics the Materials2009Q2
Mechanics of Materials2010Q2
Mechanics of Materials2011Q2
Mechanics of Materials2012Q1
Mechanics that Materials2013Q1
Mechanics that Materials2014Q1
Mechanics of Materials2015Q1
Mechanics that Materials2016Q1
Mechanics of Materials2017Q1
Mechanics that Materials2018Q1
Mechanics the Materials2019Q1
Mechanics of Materials2020Q1

The SJR is a size-independent reputation indicator the ranks newspaper by their "average prestige every article". It is based upon the idea the "all citations are not created equal". SJR is a measure up of scientific affect of journals that accounts because that both the variety of citations received by a journal and also the prestige or call of the journals whereby such citations come indigenous It procedures the scientific influence of the average short article in a journal, the expresses how central to the worldwide scientific discussion an average write-up of the newspaper is.


advancement of the number of published documents. All varieties of documents are considered, including citable and also non citable documents.


This indicator counts the number of citations got by papers from a journal and divides castle by the total number of documents released in that journal. The chart shows the evolution of the average variety of times papers published in a newspaper in the past two, three and four years have been cited in the existing year. The 2 years line is tantamount to journal affect factor ™ (Thomson Reuters) metric.

Cites every documentYearValue
Cites / Doc. (4 years)19990.347
Cites / Doc. (4 years)20000.378
Cites / Doc. (4 years)20010.608
Cites / Doc. (4 years)20020.570
Cites / Doc. (4 years)20030.629
Cites / Doc. (4 years)20040.683
Cites / Doc. (4 years)20050.751
Cites / Doc. (4 years)20060.969
Cites / Doc. (4 years)20071.194
Cites / Doc. (4 years)20081.029
Cites / Doc. (4 years)20091.356
Cites / Doc. (4 years)20101.215
Cites / Doc. (4 years)20111.431
Cites / Doc. (4 years)20121.506
Cites / Doc. (4 years)20131.795
Cites / Doc. (4 years)20141.928
Cites / Doc. (4 years)20152.076
Cites / Doc. (4 years)20162.202
Cites / Doc. (4 years)20172.337
Cites / Doc. (4 years)20182.585
Cites / Doc. (4 years)20192.934
Cites / Doc. (4 years)20203.486
Cites / Doc. (3 years)19990.347
Cites / Doc. (3 years)20000.433
Cites / Doc. (3 years)20010.469
Cites / Doc. (3 years)20020.541
Cites / Doc. (3 years)20030.532
Cites / Doc. (3 years)20040.643
Cites / Doc. (3 years)20050.733
Cites / Doc. (3 years)20060.980
Cites / Doc. (3 years)20071.025
Cites / Doc. (3 years)20080.823
Cites / Doc. (3 years)20091.192
Cites / Doc. (3 years)20101.211
Cites / Doc. (3 years)20111.305
Cites / Doc. (3 years)20121.322
Cites / Doc. (3 years)20131.816
Cites / Doc. (3 years)20141.912
Cites / Doc. (3 years)20151.802
Cites / Doc. (3 years)20162.092
Cites / Doc. (3 years)20172.166
Cites / Doc. (3 years)20182.522
Cites / Doc. (3 years)20192.772
Cites / Doc. (3 years)20203.447
Cites / Doc. (2 years)19990.375
Cites / Doc. (2 years)20000.408
Cites / Doc. (2 years)20010.416
Cites / Doc. (2 years)20020.466
Cites / Doc. (2 years)20030.367
Cites / Doc. (2 years)20040.625
Cites / Doc. (2 years)20050.717
Cites / Doc. (2 years)20060.782
Cites / Doc. (2 years)20070.733
Cites / Doc. (2 years)20080.689
Cites / Doc. (2 years)20091.127
Cites / Doc. (2 years)20101.056
Cites / Doc. (2 years)20111.030
Cites / Doc. (2 years)20121.285
Cites / Doc. (2 years)20131.808
Cites / Doc. (2 years)20141.561
Cites / Doc. (2 years)20151.628
Cites / Doc. (2 years)20161.872
Cites / Doc. (2 years)20172.023
Cites / Doc. (2 years)20182.289
Cites / Doc. (2 years)20192.566
Cites / Doc. (2 years)20203.285

development of the total number of citations and also journal"s self-citations obtained by a journal"s published records during the three previous years. Newspaper Self-citation is defined as the variety of citation native a newspaper citing post to short articles published by the exact same journal.

Self Cites19995
Self Cites20001
Self Cites200113
Self Cites20025
Self Cites200311
Self Cites200410
Self Cites200514
Self Cites200611
Self Cites200726
Self Cites200812
Self Cites200927
Self Cites201033
Self Cites201146
Self Cites201246
Self Cites2013130
Self Cites2014144
Self Cites2015118
Self Cites2016162
Self Cites2017230
Self Cites2018282
Self Cites2019324
Self Cites2020364
Total Cites199941
Total Cites200058
Total Cites200168
Total Cites200292
Total Cites200399
Total Cites2004142
Total Cites2005173
Total Cites2006251
Total Cites2007286
Total Cites2008275
Total Cites2009398
Total Cites2010407
Total Cites2011466
Total Cites2012633
Total Cites2013999
Total Cites20141199
Total Cites20151213
Total Cites20161642
Total Cites20171962
Total Cites20182648
Total Cites20193288
Total Cites20204312

advancement of the number of total quote per paper and outside citation per paper (i.e. Journal self-citations removed) received by a journal"s published documents during the three previous years. External citations are calculated by individually the variety of self-citations indigenous the total variety of citations obtained by the journal’s documents.

External Cites every document19990.316
External Cites every document20000.438
External Cites per document20010.393
External Cites per document20020.527
External Cites every document20030.484
External Cites per document20040.603
External Cites per document20050.677
External Cites per document20060.952
External Cites per document20070.952
External Cites every document20080.817
External Cites per document20091.152
External Cites every document20101.169
External Cites per document20111.224
External Cites per document20121.262
External Cites every document20131.609
External Cites per document20141.702
External Cites every document20151.642
External Cites per document20161.937
External Cites per document20171.957
External Cites per document20182.313
External Cites per document20192.544
External Cites every document20203.236
Cites per document19990.347
Cites per document20000.433
Cites every document20010.469
Cites per document20020.541
Cites per document20030.532
Cites per document20040.643
Cites every document20050.733
Cites per document20060.980
Cites every document20071.025
Cites per document20080.823
Cites per document20091.192
Cites per document20101.211
Cites per document20111.305
Cites per document20121.322
Cites every document20131.816
Cites every document20141.912
Cites every document20151.802
Cites every document20162.092
Cites per document20172.166
Cites every document20182.522
Cites every document20192.772
Cites per document20203.447

International participation accounts for the write-ups that have actually been developed by researchers from several countries. The chart reflects the proportion of a journal"s files signed by researchers from more than one country; the is including an ext than one country address.

YearInternational Collaboration

Not every article in a newspaper is considered primary research and also therefore "citable", this chart reflects the ratio of a journal"s short articles including substantial research (research articles, conference papers and reviews) in three year home windows vs. Those records other than research study articles, reviews and also conference papers.

Non-citable documents19994
Non-citable documents20004
Non-citable documents20015
Non-citable documents20025
Non-citable documents20034
Non-citable documents20042
Non-citable documents20051
Non-citable documents20064
Non-citable documents20076
Non-citable documents200812
Non-citable documents200912
Non-citable documents201016
Non-citable documents201114
Non-citable documents201214
Non-citable documents201310
Non-citable documents20147
Non-citable documents20156
Non-citable documents201621
Non-citable documents201721
Non-citable documents201827
Non-citable documents201921
Non-citable documents202031
Citable documents1999114
Citable documents2000130
Citable documents2001140
Citable documents2002165
Citable documents2003182
Citable documents2004219
Citable documents2005235
Citable documents2006252
Citable documents2007273
Citable documents2008322
Citable documents2009322
Citable documents2010320
Citable documents2011343
Citable documents2012465
Citable documents2013540
Citable documents2014620
Citable documents2015667
Citable documents2016764
Citable documents2017885
Citable documents20181023
Citable documents20191165
Citable documents20201220

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Ratio the a journal"s items, grouped in three years windows, that have been quote at least once vs. Those not cited during the adhering to year.

Uncited documents199988
Uncited documents2000103
Uncited documents2001101
Uncited documents2002118
Uncited documents2003127
Uncited documents2004147
Uncited documents2005143
Uncited documents2006134
Uncited documents2007144
Uncited documents2008185
Uncited documents2009142
Uncited documents2010157
Uncited documents2011173
Uncited documents2012204
Uncited documents2013185
Uncited documents2014220
Uncited documents2015234
Uncited documents2016231
Uncited documents2017268
Uncited documents2018250
Uncited documents2019258
Uncited documents2020220
Cited documents199930
Cited documents200031
Cited documents200144
Cited documents200252
Cited documents200359
Cited documents200474
Cited documents200593
Cited documents2006122
Cited documents2007135
Cited documents2008149
Cited documents2009192
Cited documents2010179
Cited documents2011184
Cited documents2012275
Cited documents2013365
Cited documents2014407
Cited documents2015439
Cited documents2016554
Cited documents2017638
Cited documents2018800
Cited documents2019928
Cited documents20201031