Here at Jones Funeral service we believe one of two things take place when someone we love dies:

1. We learn to control our grief OR 2. Our grief will regulate us

Our purpose is always considerate, thoughtful company to comfort our families and empower them v the to trust to manage their grief.

We discover to execute a the majority of things in our lifetime, yet we never ever really learn to to speak goodbye for the last time until we are forced. Ours mission is to assist the families we serve setup their goodbye so the healing may begin. Us only have actually one chance to carry out a grieving family a well-planned, personalized funeral for their loved one. Since every funeral is important and also unique, we execute all we have the right to to for sure the family’s wishes are satisfied.

Your trust is one awesome obligation which we take an extremely seriously. Our service does not end just due to the fact that the funeral has.

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Recent Obituaries

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Carol J. Blazek
Oct 21, 2021
Harold W. Delzer
Oct 16, 2021
Ruth Truckey
Oct 02, 2021
Richard Carroll
Oct 01, 2021
Iris Duffy
Sep 30, 2021
Jeanette (Peterson) Wusterbarth
Sep 29, 2021
Merlin Chester Anderson
Sep 29, 2021
Carl E. Johnson
Sep 19, 2021
Francis “Ole” Olejniczak
Sep 10, 2021
Thomas “Tom” W. Lutz
Sep 04, 2021
“I greatly appreciate all of your gracious support through this devastating time. You have been amazing and are great at the task you execute so selflessly!”
Stephanie Meyers – Oconto falls
"We made decision Jones Funeral organization to offer our family at a very challenging time in ours lives. They were professional, caring and compassionate and also took treatment of all our families’ needs."
The beam Carlson household – Gillett
“You two are so professional! my family and I evaluate all the difficult work that was involved to make everything so nice.”
Barb Salcheider & family members – Oconto drops
"I had actually a really good experience in ~ a really challenging time in my life since Greg and his mam Kathy take treatment of everything! they go above and beyond what you would expect!"
Sherry Schmidt – Glendale, WI
"Every information was taken care of, and we didn’t have to worry around a thing. Us would extremely recommend Jones Funeral company to anyone."
Laurie Penkivich – Gillett
"At this extremely challenging time, us were do to feel comfortable. There were no requests as well insignificant. Nothing we wanted was ever questioned.”
Ken Haddon household – Kelly Lake

Our Facilities

We repetitively strive to carry out our households with up-to-date and state-of-the-art equipment with the goal of better serving our families and recently perfect our second interior and also exterior remodeling in 20 years. Our facilities attributes include:

Dedicated parking lots, Comfortable seating capacity, large screen TVs, Projector with screen, video clip production capabilities, Handicap access, big lounge area with contemporary conveniences

We continuously strive to administer our families with up-to-date and state-of-the-art devices with the goal of much better serving our families and also recently perfect our second interior and also exterior remodeling in 20 years.

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