Many questions still loom for the Tigers as they head into October, Ned Yost makes an additional questionable contact for the Royals, and one that the worst strike calls you"ll check out all year. These stories and an ext in today"s Morning Prowl.

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Tigers still confront questions, but answers will certainly come in October The Detroit News, Lynn Henning

Calamity more than likely isn"t part of the continuing to be script, no in September, i m sorry invites a question about just just how ready Jim Leyland"s team might be because that a playoff series that should begin 19 days from today.

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Detroit Tigers" Jose Iglesias continues to make solid case for American organization Rookie of the Year honor, James Schmehl

Rookie shortstop Jose Iglesias wants to help the Detroit many tigers clinch their third straight division title. That"s his main objective. However make no mistake about it, it"s not his just goal.

Tigers" Justin Verlander proud of way he"s pitching in spite of struggles Detroit cost-free Press, john Lowe

Justin Verlander laugh Saturday as soon as it was mentioned that he"s one of the couple of pitchers who can have one "off year" and also make the All-Star team, as he has this season.

Phil Coke & Tommy Hunter: Beatles and Stones Songbook FanGraphs Baseball, David Laurila

Phil Coke and Tommy Hunter understand a great song once they hear it.

Another Stat to make Scherzer and also Sanchez Look great Tiger Tales, Lee Panas

In this post, I"m including a 4th perspective based on the increasingly popular Fielding live independence Pitching (FIP) statistic.

This is why us can"t have actually nice things, Jim Leyland! Motor City Bengals, provide Stoye

The phase was collection for other incredible. Royals closer Greg Holland had just walked Prince Fielder. One guy on, no outs.

Around the AL Central:

Second-guessing a particular manager Baseball Nation, plunder Neyer

Did a manager in a big game stick v his starting pitcher too long Sunday afternoon? certain seems like it now. However what if you"d been managing?

Worth the Wait: ind wait 4.5 hours, then throttle chris Sale and also the White Sox 7-1 Let"s walk Tribe

The ind won your twelfth straight versus the White Sox and are currently on the cusp that a wild map spot.

Royals fall 3-2 come Tigers, Ned Yost continues to befuddle Royals Review, Connor Moylan

Sunday"s loss listed more ammunition for the anti-Yost brigade.

Twins 6, light ray 4: Pinto"s Three-Run Homer In the Eighth Wins the Twinkie Town

The Twins find a method to acquire past David Price. Your complete recap and some thorough info complying with the recap, all at Twinkie Town.

Indians 7, White Sox 1: brushed up again South next Sox, Jim Margalus

Tribe rocks chris Sale for 12th consecutive win over Chicago this season.

Elsewhere in baseball:

Atlanta Braves Shortstop Andrelton Simmons Will challenge Your Metaphysical beliefs The Triangle Blog, Michael Baumann

The reason we usage statistics, whether in sporting activities or in medication or in demography, is due to the fact that they assist us to watch the entirety picture.

This is among the worst strike calls girlfriend will see this year HardballTalk, bill Baer

The scene: Nationals trail the Phillies 5-4 in the bottom of the seventh.

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Who to root for? Ranking the contenders SweetSpot Blog, David Schoenfield

Your team is out of it, but you tho love baseball. You intend keep checking crate scores and watching the large games these last two weeks.