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The black color Grass Plague” is an practice in John 5’s adaptability on the fretboard, and it is a hard shredding track through a chicken pickin’ feeling to it, but he is add by a mainly banjo picker, as well as a bassist that joins John note for keep in mind on number of breaks. “Guitars, Tits and also Monsters” is an practice in metal arpeggios and also heavy groove-driven licks, finish with a funk motivated breaks best in the middle. Contending on an international level, and also inspiring many guitarists, myself included, to use a Fender Telecaster come play metal due to the fact that of the tremendous tones that are accessible from it. ~ above “Now are afraid ThisJohn 5 and also the Creatures role thru a straight-ahead rock and roll tune without the need for pyrotechnics and also backing tracks. Among the couple of straight absent tunes top top Season the the Witch, “Now are afraid This” is one ear-splitting, fast-driving rocker that would feel at home when John 5 to be the budding superstar, share the stage with the legend David Lee Roth and also the DLR Band. ~ above “Making Monsters,” a Zombie layout opening leads to an practice in sweep picking and also song construction, mixing hefty riffs, remarkable speed and also technicality, along with an ext arpeggiated riffology. “The Macabre” attributes a fly buzzing into the mic because that background noise, and a slowed down tempo i m sorry is a nice adjust of pace. “DDD” is another ode to the woman form, and a complete destruction the the fretboard. Really coarse and also chunky, “DDD” delivers an ext of John 5’s virtuosity featuring a call and repeat format of songwriting. Title track “Season that the Witch” is the commercial thrash tune on the album and it flat out COOKS. Filled through dissonant chords and lead breaks, this is the album’s signature tune, as it must be. Filled with Zombie-esque elevator tracks, “Season of the Witch” is deservedly the ideal track top top the album.

Photo through Christopher James Ryan

John 5 is a guitar player’s guitarist, replete v all the awe-inspiring shreddology of modern-day players such as Steve Vai, Marty Friedman and Yngwie Malmsteen.

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Every one of his influences shine thru ~ above Season of the Witch, and portrayed through John 5 and the Creatures with masterful skill. If friend don’t understand John 5 various other than his job-related with Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie, Season that the Witch will open your eyes to how extremely talented John 5 really is.