The an initial time i heard R&B singer Joe’s song “So I have the right to Have you Back” i was on the West shuttle at 8:30 a.m. Walk to mine Music Fundamentals class. Over there aren’t countless songs quite like this one and for a great reason—it sucks.

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Though i was still fifty percent asleep if listening to this song, i knew that I never wanted come hear it again. Except that i did. I constantly heard this song on my spaceship rides and also became so sick of the that i often considered calling the radio station and begging them, because that the sake of my ears, come kindly prevent playing this horrendous song.

The song is about a break-up between a man and also a woman, which is obviously, completely unique, never ever been excellent before. Someone should call the Rock and also Roll room of Fame. Walk anyone else feeling the earth move? Because plainly this track is ground-breaking.

The woman whom Joe is singing about, has moved top top (a natural and also normal thing to do), when Joe is still not over her. In fact, the wishes the something negative will occur to his ex’s relationship, simply so he can have she back. The require for Joe to be that possessive and that controlling is unhealthy. The does no evoke sympathy indigenous me and it renders me feel far better that this theoretical woman is no much longer with him.

The song’s chorus is, “I hope he provides the greatest mistake / The unforgivable that makes your heart break / ns hope girlfriend tell that ‘sorry is just not enough’ / and also it walk from great to bad, therefore I can have you back.”

If you’re quiet not certain why I have a problem with this song, in the wise words of an in reality talented artist, Outkast’s André 3000, “we’re gonna break this earlier down.”

Joe wants this woman’s connection to be damaged by other her new boyfriend does. This is wrong and also creepy for a range of reasons.

While it’s normal to grieve over a break-up, wishing ill happiness on someone else is not normal. Wanting her pleasure to be fully destroyed is an upsetting and disturbing request. Instead of wasting so much time on hoping the this woman’s partnership ends, maybe Joe might have spent more time and energy on moving on v his life.

Also, why go he just assume that his ex-girlfriend will immediately return ago to him? Just due to the fact that she damaged up with her brand-new boyfriend, that certainly does not typical she is walk to return to Joe. It seems favor she is a an excellent decision machine because she left that in the first place. She can find someone totally new, or take part time come herself, or more importantly file a restraining order versus Joe because that being a possessive, threatening ex-boyfriend.

In other songs, the boyfriend acknowledges the his ex-girlfriend has actually moved on and also places she happiness above his very own needs. 

For example, Bruno Mars’ “When ns Was her Man” exemplifies a perfect reaction come a break-up. Mars sings around his regrets through his ex-girlfriend pointing out things like, “I should have actually bought you flowers / and held your hand / should have gave you all my hours / once I had the chance. ”

The song’s final verse transforms this perspective. That no longer Mars wishing that he would have been a better boyfriend, fairly it is the respecting the his girlfriend is content through the brand-new man. Mars sings, “But I simply want friend to understand / ns hope he buys you flowers / i hope he holds your hand / offer you every his hrs / once he has actually the chance…Do all the points I should have actually done / once I was her man.”

Mars is no pressuring she to get earlier together with him, the does no make her feel guilty for moving on, and he’s no creepy—he simply wants the finest for her, also if the best means being with someone else.

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More recently, Ed Sheeran composed a song dubbed “Happier” about a male seeing his ex-girlfriend v someone new for the first time. GQ magazine explains the lyrics together “his cleverest and also most mature lyrics yet,” if Sheeran described “Happier” together “a grown-up tune ” come Glamour magazine. Sheeran believes as you flourish older, the finest thing you have the right to do for an ex is simply to be happy because that them since they room genuinely joyful and in love. That immature to not want someone to it is in happy and move on.

Thus, Joe could seriously benefit from learning from these two gentlemen. Mars and also Sheeran are much an ext mature and also have a healthier mindset around break-ups 보다 Joe, regardless of the reality that they are both over a decade younger 보다 Joe. The only mistake that was made was the manufacturing of “So I have the right to Have girlfriend Back,” and that’s quite unforgivable if friend ask me.