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"You Were expected for Me" is a folk-pop song written through Steve Poltz and Jewel and performed through Jewel on her first album, piece of You. That relates the singer"s incomprehension that a failed relationship and her inadequate attempts at moving on through her life. "You Were supposed for Me" was released as the 2nd single from pieces of You and went on to get a great deal of recognition. It ended up being a hit and also reached number two on the united state Billboard hot 100 for two weeks, and number one top top the Billboard Adult contemporary chart because that a single week. In 1997 a reissue of the single containing the unreleased "Foolish Games" allowed the tune to rebound come number 7 on the hot 100, ultimately totaling 65 mainly in the peak 100, i m sorry at the moment was a record. Worldwide, "You Were meant for Me" proficient moderate success, reaching number 3 in Australia, number two in Canada and also number 32 in the joined Kingdom. "Foolish Games/You Were supposed for Me" ranked at number 15 ~ above Billboard"s every Time height 100 in 2008. As soon as the all Time chart was retabulated for the chart"s 55th anniversary in 2013, it stayed in the height 20 at number 17. The song was also re-recorded for Jewel"s best Hits album v backing vocals indigenous the nation trio Pistol Annies.more »

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I hear the clock, it"s 6 a.m. I feel so much from where I"ve been I got my eggs, I gained my pancakes as well I got my maple syrup, everything but you ns break the yolks and make a smiley face I kinda choose it in mine brand new place i wipe the spots turn off of the mirror Don"t leave the keys in the door I never ever put wet towels on the floor no longer "cause dreams last therefore long, even after you"re gone I recognize that you love me and soon you will see, girlfriend were supposed for me and I was supposed for friend I referred to as my momma, she was the end for a walk Consoled a cup the coffee yet it didn"t desire to talk So i picked up a paper, it was more bad news more hearts being damaged or people being provided Put on mine coat in the putting rain I saw a movie it simply wasn"t the same reason it was happy and I was sad the made me miss out on you oh so poor "causeDreams critical so long, even after you"re gone I know that girlfriend love me and also soon you will certainly see, you were expected for me and also I was meant for you i go about my business, I"m doing well Besides, what would I say if I had actually you ~ above the line same old story, not lot to to speak Hearts are damaged every day ns brush mine teeth and put the cap ago on I know you hate it, as soon as I leave the light on I pick up a book, and turn the sheets down and also take a deep breath and also a good look about Put on my pj"s and also hop into bed I"m fifty percent alive however I feel mostly dead I shot and phone call myself it"ll it is in all ideal I just shouldn"t think anymore tonight "causeDreams critical so long, even after you"re gone I know that you love me and soon you will certainly see, girlfriend were supposed for me and also I was intended for friend You were expected for me and also I was intended for you

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Jewel Jewel Kilcher (born may 23, 1974), professionally well-known as Jewel, is an American singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer, actress and also poet.

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She has received four Grammy compensation nominations and also has marketed over 27 million albums worldwide. Much more »