Jeffree Star is back in the headlines for his makeup agency Jeffree Star Cosmetics. The controversy comes from fans feeling they to be ripped off over a secret box black color Friday sale.

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The crate in inquiry aptly called the $20 Mini vacation Edition mystery Box, was advertised to encompass one “exclusive an enig cosmetic item.” Well, lot to the chagrin of some buyers, the exclusive cosmetic item was a collection of stickers.

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The stickers contained in the mystery box were custom designed through a tattoo artist the Star’s choosing. ~ the initial complaint by a buyer, Star had quite the response.

“I just showed your blog post to the man that spent hours drawing those stickers, he said you space rude and disgusting.” Star claims in a now-deleted tweet. “My holiday arsenal was with Shane, secret boxes space fun and… A mystery. Obtain over yourself, the entitlement is gross.”

Many human being took to the internet to comment on their dissatisfaction and also Star’s dealing with of the situation.

JeffreeStar i love her brand yet this is false declaring as ns only gained two Cosmetics items in my mini secret box and also the secret item was simply stickers

— soulfulxspirit (
soulfulxspirit) December 6, 2019

jeffree star yes, really promised an exclusive cosmetics item in every mystery box and also people are out here acquiring STICKERS????? im LIVID

— jillian (
JeffreeStar what is up with the mini #MysteryBox from black color Friday? very first there’s no exclusive cosmetics item choose promised. Then my value only included up come $30 (one fluid lip and one scrub) no the promised $44, unless you space saying a solitary sheet of stickers is worth $14?

— Taylor Paglia (
Tay_Pags) December 6, 2019

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Star has since apologized because that the occurrence citing a “miscommunication.” He also promised to refund every purchases that the “Mini an enig Box” but still send out the items.

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We below at Jeffree Star Cosmetics make the decision to make the refund and also still send the Mini secret Box to everyone as result of our miscommunication concerning the components of the Mini secret Box sold during the black color Friday sale,” the declare reads. “An early posting should have actually stated: ‘every box contains at the very least one exclusive item,’ yet due to our error said: ‘every box includes at the very least one exclusive cosmetic item.

MINI an enig BOX update