Write a duty detectAndCountLoop() that checks whether a given attached List consists of loop and also if loop is existing then returns count of nodes in loop. For example, the loop is current in below-linked list and length the the loop is 4. If the loop is no present, climate the function should return 0.

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Approach: it is well-known that Floyd’s cycle detection algorithm terminates when fast and slow pointers fulfill at a typical point. The is also known that this common point is among the loop nodes. Keep the address of this common allude in a tip variable to speak (ptr). Then initialize a respond to with 1 and start from the common allude and keeps on visiting the next node and increasing the counter till the typical pointer is reached again.At that point, the value of the counter will be same to the length of the loop.Algorithm:

Find the common point in the loop by using the Floyd’s bike detection algorithmStore the tip in a temporary variable and also keep a counting = 0Traverse the attached list until the same node is reached again and increase the counting while moving to following node.Print the count as size of loop
Output :4Complexity Analysis:Time complexity:O(n).Only one traversal the the connected list is needed.Auxiliary Space:O(1).As no extra room is required.

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