Tommy Hilfiger is one of those brands that need no introduction. Even if you room not a fashionista, opportunities are you’ve watched a polo shirt, watch, or sunglass v the unmistakable red, white and blue logo. Heck, you may have sported one yourself.

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Still, you might be wonder if your timepieces would certainly provoke the same attention as… say your sunglasses, if you were to buy one. In this article, us take a closer look at TH’s history—how lock got affiliated in watches. Is a Tommy watch worth her hard-earned buck, or will certainly you just be adding another mediocre fashion watch to her accessory box? Below, we aid you price these and other questions.


Tommy Hilfiger Brand History


When American fashion genius Tommy Hilfiger proclaimed himself as ‘the next big thing in American fashion,’ numerous laughed the off together a wannabe fashionista. However those that knew the best, the likes the Calvin Klein, were all too mindful of what he was capable of.

What began as a brand based upon self-promotion would certainly soon end up being the hip-hop world darling. By the early on 1990s, oversized versions of Hilfiger’s preppy apparel were dominating America’s subculture. Tommy Hilfiger ended up being hugely popular amongst then hip-hop stars, such together Snoop Dog, Puff daddy (Diddy), and Coolio. Hilfiger wearables have actually pretty much maintained the hippy, American aesthetic the catapulted the brand come fashion glory, yet a crawl fashion cop would tell you the the brand has actually been pivoting towards high fashion.

Tommy Hilfiger Watches

See, Tommy Hilfiger is not a watchmaker every se, yet he originates from a family tree of watchmakers. His father, Richard Hilfiger was a German-Swiss watchmaker. However, it was not till 2001 the Hilfiger gone into the timekeeping business. Castle partnered with an international watch titan Movado because that exclusive production and marketing that Tommy Hilfiger watches. Tommy Hilfiger-Movado licensing agreement has resulted in a mix of layout sense and also design expertise.

The Movado clock group houses other licensed watch brands— HUGO BOSS, Scuderia Ferrari, Lacoste, Coach; and owns brands including the likes that Movado and MVMT.

Tommy Hilfiger clock Collections

You will discover that the bulk of TFW are oversized and color-rich. They space aesthetically satisfaction too, making many of their models an ideal for casual occasions back there some models in the brand’s product line that might work well because that business-casual or daily wear. However, unlike some fashion brands that rely greatly on bling many TH models are much more elegant looking, return you will certainly encounter some jewelry-like watch models in the women’s collections.

Tommy Hilfiger for Men

Tommy Hilfiger Quartz clock (Image: Amazon)

TH men’s watches differ in design and also functionality, however they every share one quality—an American style. Castle are available in quartz, Chronograph, and also automatic. If you are looking for a dressed-up look, the Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Analogue Quartz watch Barclay is together clean as it have the right to get. The dial would have actually been perfect with just the TH logo, yet they just couldn’t help it yet embed the name too. The design and also finish, paired through a textured animal leather strap, bring out the smart-casual vibe.

Hilfiger polo shirt are renowned within the sporting world, and while TH wouldn’t dream of daunting the big-name brands for a piece of the sporting dealership cake, castle do have actually some cool sports timepieces. The Tommy Hilfiger Men’s sports Black Dial manages to pull turn off the look v its olive silicone strap providing it a slightly military vibe return realistically the brand is out of its organization on this as most outdoor city hall would have a much tougher build and also water resistance beyond the 50m the this watch offers.

TH has some noteworthy Chronographs, yet this Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Silver-Tone Chrono captured our attention since it combine simplicity with innovative functionality giving the wearer a younger look. The dial is a bit cluttered because that our liking, however most world will no even notice because they will be also preoccupied through the extra push-button on the left. Pair this through the refined industrial look of the case and also the mesh strap, and also you space sure to rotate a couple of heads. Overall, that looks choose a quite watch, walking by the optimistic reviews from buyers.

Tommy Hilfiger because that Women

Tommy Hilfiger Whitney increased Gold-Tone ladies Watch (Image: Amazon)

There’s nothing brand-new when it involves TH women’s watches. Castle pretty much look normal and unaspiring—a characteristically fashion brand look. Castle are obtainable in Chronos and quartz variants— strapped by mesh, leather, silicone, or rubber.

At the elevation of THW designer chic is this Tommy Hilfiger Whitney increased Gold-Tone ladies Watch. Most square watches have actually leather straps since it renders for an easy, safe design pair. Yet this design incorporates a stainless stole band—quite a bolder move. The engravings top top the case provide a nice break from the gold tone. At 4.48 ounces, one is left wondering just how heavy the casing is loved one to the band. Contrasted to your colored models, this one is versatile and can be paired with any type of casual or dressed-up look.

Consider this good old Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Quartz Watch with Leather Strap for a more boardroom-like look. It’s much less shouty, clean, and also beautifully sizeable. Back the threading on the animal leather strap type of waters down the feminine appeal, you will surely do a statement v this on your wrist.

Tommy Hilfiger Automatic

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s 1710186 automatically (Image: Amazon)

The Tommy Hilfiger automatic (1710186)incorporates a semi-skeleton and Chronograph to offer an affordable multifunctional timepiece. The style is modest, through an ultra-smart appeal come it and the sub-dial positioning is just remarkable. An unified with subdials and the open heart design at the 6 o’clock position offers you amazing looking automatic as a reasonable price.

Tommy Hilfiger Brand Reputation

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s 1791137

Like most designers, Tommy Hilfiger has had a few run-ins with negative luck. In the wake of the hugely publicized divorce indigenous his wife, sales plummeted. The red, white and blue logo design was no cool anymore. Celebrities stopped rocking Tommys. However, his firm has since reaffirmed its government in the design space following new deals with the likes the Macy’s.

Riding on garments Success

Tommy Hilfiger’s success in the watch room is anchored come its government in the fashion industry. They space not watchmakers in the classic sense the watchmaking. However, they give their the town hall the very same attention and consideration together their other products. Tommy Hilfiger is known for handy wearables and accessories. This same charm is current in their watches.

Shaky Fashion Background>Movado Effect

It likewise helps come manufacture and also sell under a trusted watchmaking firm like Movado. Movado has over 120 years’ precious of watchmaking experience, and also while Tommy Hilfiger might rank reduced than Movado-owned brands, such as MVMT, girlfriend don’t need to look too hard to view Movado’s superb criter in THW.

For the seasoned clock buff, a brand’s horological background says a lot about its standing—and Tommy Hilfiger’s is tellingly short.

Is Tommy Hilfiger A an excellent Watch Brand?

Tommy Hilfiger (Model: 1791399)

The company is not new to the fashion business and is certainly not a novice player in the status games. Despite dressmaking and watchmaking are worlds apart, given the substantial entry barriers for the former, Tommy Hilfiger, has made exceptional inroads in this territory by placing their watches as classically American status pieces.

If girlfriend are right into bulky wristwatches that prominently display screen the brand’s logo, you will love THW. Girlfriend may have actually noticed the none of your models feature any type of innovative or out-of-the-norm design, which is expected provided the price range. Therefore, you will appreciate your TH watch an ext by concentrating top top the looks elements rather than craftsmanship.

In enhancement to style, your timepieces are reliable, many thanks to Movado. As soon as you walk for a TH watch, you gain reliability and also style at an affordable price.

One of the greatest complaints versus the brand is its lack of horological history. When the licensing through Movado provides up for few of that, this is an discussion we hear about almost every fashion brand and also not unique to Tommy.

Unlike brand such as Orient or Timex the both have actually a history of making top quality watches in ~ affordable prices, numerous watch aficionados view Tommy Hilfiger as just a designer brand that puts their logo on fashion accessories, including watches. Another complaint is the the watches room made v inexpensive quartz activities (like the Miyota 1L22 ), these space accurate, reliable, well constructed for the price. The complain is that these movements cost less than $10 yet the watches sell for prices the don’t reflect the build quality or cost.

We need to note the these objections are not distinctive to this brand. Various other fashion clock brands such as Guess, Michael Kors, andEmporio Armani watches obtain the very same punishment.

Serious watch buyers will certainly tell you to skip the brand altogether and go for much more reliable and also long-lasting city hall that are much far better than Tommy Hilfiger.

We shot to balance that view by saying – if girlfriend really favor the watch of a specific watch, are a pan of the brand and also like sporting the Tommy logo, or really don’t treatment much around the background of watches climate you should buy the clock that’s the best fit for you nevertheless of what part watch snobs might say.

Where come Buy Tommy Hilfiger Watches

The agency sells and also ships watches native their online shop.

If girlfriend can’t find a Tommy Hilfiger store near you, visit Amazon

New and also used watches space also accessible on eBay.

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Tommy Hilfiger Warranty

A Movado manufacturer warranty consist of Tommy Hilfiger watches because that 2 year from the day of purchase. The guarantee covers manufacturing defects and provides because that replacement or fix of defective parts (at the single discretion of THW) complimentary of charge.