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tomato soup

Zero Nutritional Difference between Campbell's "Healthy"Tomato Soups and Regular, simply HigherPrice

3.5.10 10:51 to be EDT by Ben Popken

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A brand-new ABC7 investigation shows Campbell’s “Healthy Request” and “Low Sodium” tomato soups contain the same nutrients and exact exact same amount of sodium as consistent tomato soups, but they expense more. “Eek! Waiter! There’s a cheat in mine soup!”

FINDINGS:* Both the “LOW SODIUM” and also normal tomato soups save on computer the same amount that sodium, 480mg.* The “HEALTHY” and also regular tomato soups are nutritionally exactly the same* except “HEALTHY” consists of 1.5 grams of fat while continual has 0 grams the fat.* normal soup expenses $.99* Ostensibly “healthier” costs $1.49

CAMPBELL’S RESPONSE:* “Healthy” ranges cost more is due to the fact that the recipes room different* and also they’re do in smaller sized batches.* Fat was included for flavor* and to assist the body absorb nutrients* “Healthy” claim falls in ~ American love Association guidelines* “25% much less sodium” case is as contrasted to the typical “all varieties” of condensed soup, not just tomato.

doyourpartparks.org’S TAKE:* classic example that two-tiered pricing, and deceptive marketing* It appears we live in a society where whatever is perceived as unhealthy until a marketing article tells united state otherwise* constantly read the fine print, even on your freakin’ cans of plain tomato soup

Soup label conundrum: less is sometimes more

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