DC’s animated movies and TV shows are some of the ideal things the DC Universe has to offer. Shows choose Justice organization Unlimited, and also movies like Batman: Mask that the Phantasm, have delighted plenty of fans end the years, so whenever among these gems access time a streaming service, it’s a huge and welcome deal.

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Speaking that which, it simply so happens that fans the DC’s animated movies in general, and also Batman in particular, have actually a significant treat in store. Desire to check out Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill — the legendary voices that Batman and also the Joker from Batman: The Animated series — once again return to their classic roles? This week, you deserve to do exactly that, because one of the most famous (and controversial) animated Batman movies is about to come on Netflix — Batman: The death Joke, an adaptation of the graphic novel of the exact same name.

The supervillain Joker

The story is famous for its faint ending, as well as the cruel moment where the Joker shoot the previous Batgirl, Barbara Gordon (Tara Strong), paralyzing her from the belt down. The latter, in particular, is considered one the the most controversial moment in DC comics to date, and it has also been called one that the much more disturbing moment in the entire DC Comics history.

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As such, Batman: The Killing joke is not specifically an man flick for kids. However, for fans that wish to see the legendary story play the end on your screens, it is fine worth check out.