I know. So many world say that if you’re serious about keeping her hair healthy and balanced (and if you desire to end up through the finest results), girlfriend shouldn’t effort dyeing your hair at home; you must see a skilled stylist instead. But because I remained in my twenty (which is about two decades ago), it’s to be nothing for me to walk to a drugstore and also pick up a box of Dark & lovely or Crème of Nature hair color.

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Not to say the going that path was always the best decision, due to the fact that rarely did my hair end up looking choose the models on the packaging. Plus, oftentimes, after a pair of mainly (give or take a couple of days), mine hair would certainly feel much drier than I’d desire it to. But ago then, my hair was normally texturized, and super-short. So, i didn’t too much care around things like hair health and also length-retention. If ns didn’t favor the hue or there to be too much damage, no problem. I’d start all over with a new cut—and a various box the color.

Fast front to today, and also while ns a naturalista (a mixture of 4a v a little 4b hair), I’m actually trying to grow my hair out. That way I can not be practically as pseudo-reckless together I offered to be; specifically when it concerns hair dye. Still, ns was prepared to deviate indigenous my organic shade the dark brown/soft black. I wanted my locks come be as dark as possible. And also no, ns didn’t desire to pay a expert to execute it.

In walks ION color Brilliance irreversible 10-Minute Crème Hair shade in Midnight Blue Black. And also you recognize what, y’all? it’s dope.

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With the help of a sales assistant in ~ Sally’s beauty Supply, I discovered a hair shade that is PPD-free (PPD is a chemical the is used in hair dye, printers and even gasoline; yep, it’s harsh), includes argan and also pequi (a Brazilian fruit that protects and moisturizes skin and also hair) oil and also has low-ammonia in it. Translation—although that a permanent dye, its intentionally is to do as small damage to mine hair is possible.

I ordered a crate of it, part volume 10 cream developer, a plastic bottle and also reusable black latex gloves, and then headed home.

I immediately mixed the hair dye and also developer. At first, ns was offering my plastic bottle a little of side-eye, because the materials in the bottle continued to be off-white because that a few minutes. But as ns started applying it to mine hair (once I put some coconut oil on mine forehead, temples and also around mine ears), after around five minute or so, I started to view a very clear shift. My hair was turning into a deep marine blue color; therefore blue that ns was almost nervous because that a moment.

I let the dye sit on my hair for about fifteen minutes, climate rinsed that out and used the shampoo that came v the dye. The hair shade rinsed out clean, and my hair felt yes, really soft.

Next, i washed and also conditioned it through my very own products. Then i styled it favor usual. Because that me, styling is composed of blow-drying on low heat, and also then braiding mine hair at night till I wash it again (which is commonly 10-14 days later). I recognize some frown on using heat, yet I’ve in reality gained much more length doing the this means than once I to be styling mine hair through a water party (with vital oil or vegetable glycerin in it).

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Anyway, ever because I’ve used the color, my hair in reality feels healthier than it did before I colored it (I can not remember the last time I said that about any kind of hair color!). There are no indications of wrong or shedding, and also the shade is very rich. Every one of the greys space gone, and it’s super-black. I have to admit that there is no sign of blue (I’ve seen some YouTube videos of world having dark blue hair or blue highlights; it might be because they provided a 20-30 volume developer) but I’m cool through that.

All in all, I have actually no regrets v this tiny at-home hair dye project. No one!

Have you dyed her hair recently, or in the past? just how did it revolve out? let us understand in the comment below!