The assignment C=R.c_str(); in the code listed below causes G++ to litter the complying with error:

error: invalid conversion from "const char*" to "char*" <-fpermissive>"

#include #include utilizing namespace std;int main(){ string R = "killme"; char *C = new char<100>; C=R.c_str(); coutWhy is this one error and how can I solve it?


The code has actually two problems. The main one, which reasons a translate into issue, is the assignment of c_str() result, i m sorry is const, to variable C, i beg your pardon is not const. The compiler tag this together an error, due to the fact that otherwise you could do this:

C=R.c_str();C<2> = "c";which would certainly write come a read-only area in memory, resulting in undefined behavior.

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You have the right to fix it in 2 ways:

Declare C a const, i.e. Const char *C = ..., orCopy the content into space that you have allocated.

The an initial approach is an easy - you perform this:

const char *C = R.c_str();The 2nd approach works favor this:

char *C = brand-new char;std::strcpy(C, R.c_str());The 2nd problem is a storage leak: your password assigns C a an outcome of new, however never deletes it. If you use strcpy approach, you should add

delete<> C;at the end of her program, as soon as you space done making use of variable C.

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I had actually the very same kind the problem. See if that works:

string R= "killme";char * cstr = new char ;strcpy (cstr, R.c_str());You have actually to include two libraries because that this:

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string::c_str() return a const char* not a char*. This is the factor of the error.

For much more information the the std::string::c_str() see the link:

Yes, both the point out mentioned above are additionally correct.

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