FableVision is constantly on the lookout for fresh talent. If you’re an artist, animator, developer, producer, user endure designer, or writer we’d love to hear from you. Staff or freelance, we mostly prefer to work-related through civilization local to the Boston area – mostly so that we have the right to job-related WITH you onsite on a continual basis. We"re a fan of the team thing, which indicates studio camaraderie.

FableVision is an equal possibility employer and also values a varied workpressure.

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We market unphelp internships in art, manufacturing, and marketing throughout the year. We call for that all interns be existing college students doing internships for credit, and also can commit to 16 hours of job-related per week.

Our internships carry out an opportunity to learn market skills and also attain experienced endure in a fun, dynamic atmosphere. Interns deserve to emphasis on design/computer animation, marketing, or manufacturing, and also are provided projects that correspond to their suffer and also skill level. You can hear an inside perspective on our intern-created blog InternVision.

Our internships mainly have actually 3 internship periods in the time of the year: spring semester (January-April), summer (May-August), and also fall (September-December). Interns have to commit to a minimum of 10 weeks for summer internships and 12 weeks for autumn and spring internships. The deadline for summer internship applications is April 1. The deadline for loss internships is August 1. The deadline for spring internships is December 1.

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*Keep in mind for 2021 applicants: FableVision is excited to invite existing college students to apply to our completely online production (application deadline December 7) and also marketing (application deadline December 15) internships. Applications are open to students from everywhere in the UNITED STATE and of all educational backgrounds.

** Keep in mind to 2021 art intern applicants that because of the COVID-19 pandemic we have put our internship on hold till fall 2021 at the earliest. Check earlier over the summer, or reach out to Bob Flynn (bobf

From the Intern Desk

Marketing, art, and also production interns also have actually the choice to finish an independent project throughout their time with us. This can be a podactors, a blog series, a video clip project, or somepoint of your own making!Hear from some of our previous interns to hear what they had actually to say around their time interning at FableVision Studios!