A an extremely strange thing freshly happened to mine laptop. Once I"m on my work network, i cannot browser to google.com. Other websites room fine, and also I can ping google.com. I have tried all browsers: Chrome, Firefox and also Edge. After around a minute of spinning, Chrome comes earlier with:

Internal Error: lacking Template ERR_CONNECT_FAIL

Other computer systems on the same network execute not have actually this problem. For this reason obviously it"s a problem with mine laptop, right?

So i took my laptop home, and also on my house network, whatever works 100%.

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So what we have here is a corner situation where (a) just on mine computer, (b) just on my work-related network, and (c) only when surfing come google.com, the communication fails.

Any ideas? (And yes, I have tried rebooting...:p)

windows-10 internet
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asked might 3 "17 in ~ 7:24

Shaul BehrShaul Behr
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Yep, there was a firewall issue. The office network to be going through an virtual firewall server. No idea why it to be picking on my certain computer, however the network admin placed me in a group that exempted me from contents filtering, and now I"m working again.

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answered might 18 "17 in ~ 17:14

Shaul BehrShaul Behr
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