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The for free arts room under attack. Level courses like English and also history, once very popular and highly respected, room in steep decline. In the us President Obama recently urged student to store in psychic that technological training can be an ext valuable than a degree in arts history. In this urgently needed book, Fareed Zakaria suggests that this rotate away native the liberal arts is a mistake. A liberal education teaches you exactly how to write, how to speak your mind and how to learn-immensely an useful tools… Expand
Jonathan Becker - Vice chairman for academic Affairs Bard College. Address: Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY 12504-5000. E-mail: jbecker
In the 21st century an education paradox confronts us. Understanding is abundant, virtually free, and can it is in accessed without memorization. Nonetheless, the value of an education throughout many high quality of… Expand
Debates about greater education’s purpose have actually long been polarized between dedicated preparation for specific vocations and a broad, general knowledge structure known together liberal education.… Expand
FLAME University deserve to truly be said to be a pioneer of free arts education in India. This chapter provides a historic perspective come the current Indian higher education system and also its… Expand
In irradiate of recurring political upheavals about the world and the narrowing views of international greater education in ~ mercenary and also nationalistic terms, this chapter highlights the exigency for… Expand
We can all agree that undergraduates space digitally savvy. They are constantly associated to newly occurred technologies and are early on adopters of new forms the digital communication. That, though,… Expand
PurposeDebates about the role of for free arts education and learning in detect employment highlight both that is benefits and also the difficulties of finding work-related after graduation – discussions that are now well-documented… Expand
A Distinctive Vision for the liberal Arts: general Education and also the prospering of Christian higher Education
Abstract This article suggests that a coherent and inspired general education program, infused v a intended vision the the free arts, is vital to the growing of Christian greater education.… Expand
Communicating the value linked with an undergraduate level is among the many vexing difficulties facing universities’ administrators. Universities room at an essential crossroads, one that arguably… Expand
This dissertation explores the success the for-profit colleges and universities (FPCUs) together a socio-cultural phenomenon that hinges on unique public discursive strains and also neoliberal rhetorics. This… Expand

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