Please remove, ns think that been dealing with some error in Amazon globally due to technical glitch. Please inspect yours…http://www.amaz...n/

Even I gained today a password reset mail this particular day stating the the account has been blocked for defense kindly reset the password


This difficulty message wake up ’coz the an separation, personal, instance item in the cart. Please discover that out by elimination and proceed further. Of food you will need to delete that item native the cart. I might thus resolve the same same problem today.

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firstly; the is the problem of the Seller, no the buyer, the buyer have the right to not perform anything.

secondly; Evan Seller does not understand why this trouble shows,

I know because I to be a seller my trouble still no slowed they just offer me a system-generated replay as soon as I contact support, they room so puzzled they don’t understand the solution.

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blam Amazone not a seller

There room two ways in which you deserve to fix this native the seller side. Adjust the GST number and uplaod again. Additionally upload Product taxes code in account info and also HSN code/Country of manufacture in every ASIN. This have to solve your problem .