phrase. World use the expression if friend don"t mind once they space rejecting an offer or saying the they perform not desire to carry out something, especially when they are annoyed. "Sit down. "—"I like standing because that a while, if girlfriend don"t mind.

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if girlfriend don"t mind me saying/asking. Used in order to be more polite when you speak something that might slightly upset, annoy, or embarrass someone: If girlfriend don"t mind me saying (so), I think the soup needs a little more salt.

Furthermore, does ns don"t mind typical yes or no? "Yes" means "Yes i do mind. You can"t borrow the book." The correct answer is "No." "No" means "No i don"t mind if friend borrow the book."

Then, exactly how do friend respond as soon as you don"t mind?

In general, when someone asks execute you mind and you do not mind, the usual answer is “No, I don"t mind” or “No, walk ahead.” below are some much more examples: Question: execute you mental if I open up the window?

What go no i don"t mental mean?

That means you don"t want to it is in a nuisance, but if lock don"t care, you would like to do something. The human being may be a nice person, and they will say, "no, walk ahead, i don"t mind. That won"t bother me".

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Do girlfriend mind me asking just how old room you?

Pay fist to words order. It"s not “Do friend mind me asking exactly how old space you?” It"s “Do you mind me asking how old you are?” The answer come this can be straight: “I"m 25 year old.”

Do girlfriend mind if i ask?

Do you mind if ns ask (a question) This is a way to closely ask a question that you"re worried can be rude, however that you want to recognize anyway. For example, if you"re visiting someone"s pretty apartment and you want to know if you can afford a comparable one, you can ask: This is a really nice place.

Can i ask you something if you dont mind?

Both space correct. "If girlfriend don"t mind my asking" - here you"re stating together if "asking" is a noun rather of a verb. You"re asking the listener if he/she doesn"t mind her "asking." It"s virtually as if saying that the person asking the question isn"t the one actually asking it, but the verb itself is the thing asking.

Do you mind my asking Meaning?

if you don"t mind me saying/asking. Used in order come be more polite when you to speak something that could slightly upset, annoy, or awkward someone: If you don"t mind me saying (so), I think the soup demands a little an ext salt.

Is if girlfriend don"t mind a question?

Definition that if you don"t mind my/me asking
—used with a question as a polite means of questioning something that might be stroked nerves or offensiveHow old are you, if you don"t mind my/me asking?

What walk it typical when a man says ns don"t mind?

If friend are offered something or offered a selection and friend say "I don"t mind", you space saying politely that you will certainly be happy with any of the points offered. "Which one of these do you want?" —"I don"t mind. "

Do you mind if meaning?

Do you mind if I + (verb) You space asking who in present tense if they thing to miscellaneous you room asking.

Do you mind if I sign up with you?

and (Do you) treatment if I sign up with you?; (Do you) mind if I join you? will you allow me to sit with you? (An inspection seeking permission come sit in ~ someone"s table or join someone rather in some activity. Likewise used v can or might in ar of could.)

Do girlfriend mind usage?

We use the phrases would certainly you mind + -ing form, and do you mind + -ing form to ask people politely come do things. Would certainly you mind is much more polite and an ext common: would certainly you mind opening the window, please? Do friend mind transforming down the volume a little, please?

Do girlfriend mind or would you mind?

You deserve to use the paragraph "Would girlfriend mind" and "Do friend mind" + -ing type to ask someone politely to do things. Hiwever, the expression "Would friend mind" is much more polite and also common (Cambridge).

Would you mind if ns call?

"Would" is much more polite. "Do girlfriend mind" means the activity is already underway and also you"re asking the human being if that bothers them. "Would girlfriend mind" asks around a hypothetical case that hasn"t taken place yet. Note, though, the neither kind actually asks come borrow the phone.

Would girlfriend mind if ns grammar?

Many conditional develops use the previous tenses. Would you mind if i go come the movies tomorrow night, is much less polite yet used by numerous English speaker also. As soon as we usage the conditional tenses, it indicates uncertainty vice versa, the current tense is more definite.

Do girlfriend mind if I open the home window answer?

Strictly speak "Sure" way that you perform mind, yet it is so often used to indicate covenant that you"d probably acquire away with it. "Sure, go ahead" would leaving no doubt. "Sure" by itself would it is in a far better answer to "Is the OK if I open the window?"

Would girlfriend mind a glass of water?

To mind act something method it is a bother to you. Wording the “Would friend mind happen me a glass of water?” rather than “Would you please carry me a glass of water” is a way of make the concern not so harsh and demanding. The method to prize this is, “No, I don"t mind at all” and also then carry the water.

Is saying ns don"t treatment rude?

If us say "I don"t care" in brother English, it means we"re apathetic – we"re no interested. "I don"t care" sound negative. Ns don"t care is frequently rude in brother English. We"d say "I don"t mind".

How do you respond come mind if you join you?

If you mind, the appropriate answer is yes (I do mind), and if you don"t, the proper answer is no (I don"t mind). Yet the CONVEYED contents of (1) is a request. So if you give the request, the ideal answer is correct (go ahead), and if you don"t, the proper answer is no (don"t execute it).

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What go it average when a girl says I not mind?

“Ooooo i don"t mind” is a colloquialism for “Hot dog, I believed you would never ever ask!” i hope you gave her a time and also date. Do miscellaneous fun, no a movie or dinner, therefore you deserve to be energetic and have actually plenty of time because that conversation.
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