O'shea Jackson, Arthur Lee Goodman, O'kelly Jr. Isley, S. Robinson, Ernest Isley, Marvin Isley, Ronald Isley, Rudolph young name Isley, kris Jasper and also H. Ray

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Break "em off somethin Shit.. Yo..Yo.. Uhh..Just wakin up in the mornin gotta thank GodI don"t know yet today appears kinda oddNo barkin indigenous the dog, no smogAnd momma cooking a breakfast v no hog (damn)I acquired my lar on, however didn"t pig out
Finally got a speak to from a girl ns wanna destruction out(Whassup?) Hooked it increase for later as i hit the do"Thinkin will I live, one more twenty-fo"I gotta go cause I got me a fall topAnd if ns hit the switch, I have the right to make the ass dropHad come stop, at a red lightLookin in my mirror and not a jacker in sightAnd whatever is alrightI obtained a beep from Kim, and she can fuck every nightCalled increase the homies and also I"m askin y"allWhich park, space y"all playin basketball?Get me ~ above the court and also I"m troubleLast mainly fucked around and got a triple doubleFreakin niggaz everyway like M.J.I can"t believe, this day was a great day (shit!)Drove come the pad and also hit the showers
Didn"t also get no revolution from the cowardsCause simply yesterday them fools tried come blast meSaw the police and they rolled right past meNo flexin, didn"t even look in a nigga"s directionas ns ran the intersectionWent to $hort Dog"s house, they was watchin Yo! MTV RapsWhat"s the haps on the craps?Shake "em up, shake "em up, shake "em up, shower "emRoll "em in a circle of niggaz and watch me break "emwith the seven, seven-eleven, seven-elevenSeven even ago do" Lil" JoeI choose up the cash flowThen us played bones, and I"m yellin dominoPlus nobody ns know acquired killed in South main L.A.Today to be a great day (shit!)Left my nigga"s house paid (what)

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Picked up a girl been tryin to fuck due to the fact that the 12th gradeIt"s ironic, I had the brew she had the chronicThe Lakers to win the SupersonicsI felt on the big fat fannyPulled out the jammy, and killed the punannyAnd my dick runs deep, for this reason deepSo deep placed her ass to sleepWoke she up around oneShe didn"t hesitate, to call Ice Cube the top gunDrove she to the pad and also I"m coastinTook one more sip of the potion hit the three-wheel motionI to be glad whatever had functioned outDropped she ass off and also then chirped outToday to be like among those fly dreamsDidn"t even see a berry flashin those high beamsNo helicopter trying to find a murderTwo in the mornin obtained the FatburgerEven experienced the lights of the Goodyear BlimpAnd that read, "Ice Cube"s a pimp" (yeah)Drunk as hell yet no throwin upHalf means home and also my pager quiet blowin upToday i didn"t even have to use my A.K.I gained to speak it was a great day (shit!)Hey wait, wait a minute Pooh, avoid this shitWhat the crap I"m thinkin about?