I wish you might see yourself through my eyes. If girlfriend did, girlfriend would view just just how beautiful and amazing you really are.

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If you can see yourself through my eyes, you would certainly know how special, compassionate, brilliant, strong, driven, and also ultimately spectacular you important are.

You room an particularly miracle, and also the just thing that’s wrong with you is that you refuse to watch that and also that girlfriend doubt your worth.

There space not a many of world like you, because you space precious, priceless, and one in a million.

You space breathtaking, yet you don’t even know it, and also that’s what makes you even more special.

I’m continuous surprised by exactly how brave friend are, and also your courage reflects in every an obstacle you’re willing to take.


I know just how lonely you feeling sometimes, yet the only reason you feel that method is the you room unaware of how loved friend are.

That is just one of the reasons why i wish you can see through my eyes… since you’d finally notification how much I love you, and how countless other human being do too.

You’re dealing with a lot of of an overwhelming things, however you should know that all that is only going to make you even stronger.

I have actually never well-known anyone as strong as you, and also I know that you have the right to handle all problems that life brings her way.

If you might see yourself with my eyes, you’d see that too, and also you would know that girlfriend don’t have to resolve them alone.

I know that girlfriend don’t have all the answers, however one day, every little thing will loss into place, and also you’ll look back on all the troubles you’ve been with with a smile.

You’ll have a smile on her face due to the fact that you’ll recognize that naught has ever stopped friend on your method to success.


You don’t think world love you, girlfriend think they only tolerate you, however that’s no true.

I great you can see yourself through my eye so that you would lastly realize that.

You are good, kind, caring, funny, determined, and also loving, and also people love you because of it.

Do girlfriend have any idea of how much potential friend have? human being see that in you, but you keep placing yourself down.

If you can see what’s inside my heart, you would see my love because that you, but that’s not all you’d uncover there.

You would likewise find pain because it damages me so lot to hear you speak negatively around yourself.

Why can’t girlfriend love yourself as much as ns love you?


I great you might see v my eyes since then girlfriend would, and you would never again think the you’re not good enough.

You don’t think you’ll ever amount to anything, yet I watch such a shining future ahead of you, and also you deserve to have that.

All it takes is because that you to check out yourself the means I watch you. See that you’re an incredible human being who inspires me and encourages me to end up being one too!

Your smile heals mine wounds every time, and also the means you discover happiness also in the darkest moments renders me desire to it is in as solid and as brave as you are.

When friend love someone, friend don’t organize back, and also your love is always unconditional.

You give your unconditional love come anyone who wants to take it.

I don’t understand anyone through such a large heart together yours is, and I hope no one would ever before dare to rest it.


I wish you might see yourself through my eyes since you would certainly see how confident girlfriend seem.

You’re never arrogant, but you always keep your head up high, no matter how much you’re hurting.

You’ve been through so much, but no matter how dark your past was, girlfriend never shed hope because that the future.

I excellent you for this reason much since the assumed of offering up never crossed your mind.

It’s not simply that ns admire you, because I’m also really proud of you. You work-related so hard, and you deserve every the good things that are coming to you.

You’re constantly willing to walk the extra mile and put initiative into everything you do.

I great you could see yourself through my eyes because you’d realize exactly how much you amaze me, and that you’re every little thing I hope to be.


Don’t ever think the you have something come prove or disprove… and also know that you deserve good things, friend shouldn’t need to earn them.

If you could see yourself through my eyes, you would certainly realize that you’re perfect simply the method you are.

That beautiful smile of yours lamp up the totality world. The only trouble with it is that i don’t check out it as much as i would favor to.

Smile more, because those that love you require to be able to enjoy that sight.

~ all, your smile is contagious, and when friend smile, ns can’t withstand smiling too.

You smile with your eyes, which are complete of life, and those small crinkles that show up are mine favorite part of you.

Your eyes have that sparkle that renders me think that there’s something going on within you that I’ll never be able to figure out.

However, an ext beautiful than even your eyes and your smile room your clever mind, your heart of gold, and your lover soul.

You are choose an amazing piece of arts that makes me want to look at it because that as long as i live.

I understand that friend worry around what other human being think, yet there’s no require to. Once they look at you, they view the very same things ns see.

They see exactly how beautiful friend are, and even if they don’t ever before say it, they are a little jealous.

Both inside and out, you’re the most beautiful person I know. The sound of her voice is choose a wonderful tune that I’ll never ever get exhausted of hearne to.

I wish you might see v my eyes due to the fact that you’d then finally realize just how much you mean to me and also how unique you important are.

You’re the one ns look increase to since every time girlfriend fall, you was standing up, choose up the pieces of your broken heart, and also keep going.

No matter what, you constantly keep going.

See you yourself the way I watch you, and it will be even much easier to store doing so.

You are a selfless human who keeps providing to rather without expecting anything in return.

The just mistake you do is the you love others an ext than girlfriend love yourself.

Love yourself as much as i love you, and also you’ll see just how life will certainly become far better and much easier for you.

You worthy that, and all it takes to acquire there is to watch what ns see, what anyone else as well as you see.

Stop spring in the mirror once you want to know how others view you and also read this at any time you desire to know that.

A winter can’t reflect your beauty, and also I don’t think that even a beautiful paint of girlfriend could.

When ns look at you, I check out a human being who is aiming for success.

You will accomplish all your dreams, as lengthy as you realize who you are, and also keep being the person.

You’re irreplaceable due to the fact that no one compares to you. The reality is, I recognize a lot of of good people, however none that them space as great as friend are.

I don’t know just how you have the strength to always be nice to everyone, yet you are, also when girlfriend don’t feel choose it.

You find the strength in girlfriend to smile at a stranger ~ above the street, also when your heart is breaking, since you understand that you’ll do them smile too.

That is amazing, but you shouldn’t placed others’ pleasure ahead of your own. You deserve to it is in happy an ext than anyone ns know.

I know how great you room at finding joy in the the smallest things due to the fact that you’re modest, but you worthy more.

You deserve to love yourself and also realize just how wonderful friend are.

When you define yourself in the future, whether it’s to yourself or to anyone else, I want you to use only the words I explain you with.

It would certainly be good if you can see yourself v my eyes, but that isn’t possible.

The just thing the is feasible is the you take it my word because that it and start believing all these things I have told you.

I wish you could finally believe me, and also start seeing yourself the way I view you; that is how you deserve to look to me and also not ever before doubt the it’s who you are.

The following time you desire to look in a mirror, watch at these words instead; you’ll climate know just how beautiful you really are.

Don’t allow anything or anyone readjust you, since a precious jewel like you is rarely to find.

We who have uncovered you consider ourselves lucky and the just thing that bothers us around you is that you’re not aware of exactly how amazing friend are.

Believe mine words, and don’t ever before doubt yourself again.

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The only human being who doesn’t love girlfriend is you, and also that’s the just thing you should change around yourself. Love you yourself as much as ns love you.