When he wasn’t resolving the mysteries of black color holes and revolutionizing theoretical physics, Stephen Hawking speak (a lot) about how the people would end.

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From Terminator-style robots acquisition over to Donald Trump, these are some of the late scientist’s many terrifying doomsday predictions.

Earth will certainly turn right into a giant fireball

Humanity is in ~ a “tipping point,” Hawking warned last July.

He included that an international warming would reason the planet to end up being like Venus, v a global temperature of 482 degrees Fahrenheit and sulphuric mountain raining indigenous the sky.

“By the year 2600, the world’s population would be standing shoulder to shoulder and also the electricity intake would do the earth glow red-hot,” he told a gathering of researchers in Beijing, China.

Our finest bet is come leave planet completely, guess Hawking.

The AI apocalypse will watch robots replace humans

Facebook and Google room obsessed with fabricated intelligence, however Hawking didn’t to trust it one bit.

He claimed it might be the “worst creation of the history of our civilization.”

Speaking come Wired UK, he said: “I fear that AI may replace human beings altogether.”

“If people architecture computer viruses, who will style AI the improves and replicates itself. This will certainly be a new form of life that outperforms humans.”

Nuclear war might kill united state all

North Korea’s intermediate-range strategy ballistic rocket Hwasong-12 lifting off from the launching pad in ~ an undisclosed location near Pyongyang.Getty Images

When asked what person trait he’d prefer to change, Hawking replied, “Aggression.”

He said it might lead to irrational behavior, favor sparking atom war and also ending the world.

“There is no authorize of problem lessening and also the advancement of militarized technology and tools of massive destruction might make that disastrous,” that told the BBC, as part of his 75th birthday celebrations.

“The best hope for the survival of the human race can be independent swarms in space.”

We need to gain busy finding an additional planet

An artist’s ide illustrates the 2 Saturn-size planets uncovered by NASA’s Kepler mission.NASA

Fearing the our earth will come to be overpopulated, Hawking predicted that human beings will need to leave Earth and repopulate elsewhere.

In a documentary title “Stephen Hawking: Expedition new Earth,” that warned the if humans don’t end up being a multi-planetary types and work out on other worlds, we can die out in the following century.

Trump will certainly shove the planet over the brink

Getty Images

Hawking was plainly not a fan of Donald Trump.

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When the president announced his decision to retract from the Paris climate agreement to reduce CO2 levels, Hawking ended up being one that his many outspoken opponents.

Speaking come the BBC, the said: “By … pulling the end of the Paris Climate Agreement, Donald trump will cause avoidable environmental damages to our beautiful planet, endangering the organic world, because that us and our children.”