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This week’s featured song story involves us indigenous Lauren Daigle. We’re excited to share with you the story behind her solitary “Rescue.”

I wrote Rescue through a love one in mind for this reason this provides that one of the most personal songs I’ve ever been a component of. I remember acquiring this vision around a girl who was caught in a really desperate situation. She was to run to all of these vices in order to uncover just an facet of expect or just something to store her in the procedure of this desperation. And also in came walking down the hall Jesus. And instead of judging she for probably some of the plot she had actually chosen the were really painful and difficult, the sat with her in the middle of that all. He didn’t try to settle her, He simply was v her.” – Lauren Daigle

Click top top the video below come hear Lauren re-superstructure the story. Scroll under to listen and read the full lyrics of the song.

From the album Look up Child.

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“Rescue” Lyrics

You space not hiddenThere’s never been a momentYou were forgottenYou are not hopelessThough you have been brokenYour innocence stolen

I hear you to whisper underneath your breathI hear your SOS, your SOS

I will certainly send out an armyTo discover you in the center of darkest nightIt’s trueI will rescue you

There is no distanceThat cannot be coveredOver and overYou’re no defenselessI’ll be her shelterI’ll be her armor

I hear you whisper underneath her breathI hear her SOS, your SOS

I will certainly send the end an armyTo discover you in the middle of darkest nightIt’s trueI will rescue youI will never ever stop marchingTo with you in the center of the hardest fightIt’s trueI will rescue you

I hear the whisper underneath your breathI hear you to whisper you have nothing left

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