Who wants the end of the World?

belief in an immortality and the desire for the finish of the people

posted December 30, 2015

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The notion of the world ending, of everything we know, love, value and also experience, vanishing at any moment is potentially really unsettling. Yet, background is rife through stories that the finish of the world, and modern-day day climate concerns additionally make this idea important in people"s minds. Heck, spiritual people because that centuries have actually been predicting as soon as the finish of the people might occur, just how it will certainly occur, and what will precisely happen once it occurs. Yet why? Why might world be so drawn, sometimes, to end of the world belief systems?

While there room undoubtedly countless reasons that human being might be open to believing the civilization will end, recent research published by psychologists Uri Lifshin, Jeff Greenberg and also colleagues check the specific duty that immortality belief could play. Specifically, they posited that people who think in an immortality might be more open to arguments endorsing the end of the world. This is because, rather intuitively, these people do not believe that your life will finish at that time (indeed, a far better life is likely on the means in their minds), and also because these ideas protect people an ext generally native anxiety. For instance, when human being read essays arguing for life after ~ death, lock are much more hopeful when thinking about death than once they have not check out these arguments.

Two research studies supported their hypothesis. People who had actually a belief in an immortality were much more believing in end of the world disagreements than people who walk not organize these beliefs. Interestingly, as soon as thinking around the methods that their life on planet made castle "symbolically immortal" (e.g., children, gift remembered, contributing to a much better world), these same civilization were much less open to finish of the people arguments.

This suggests an exciting dynamic in which world who believe in an immortality might be traction towards end of the world beliefs in order to live in a next, presumed better life, yet yet remain pulled in the direction of their currently life (the civilization not ending) once these aspects of your self additionally are giving them through a sense of immortality.


Nathan Heflick, Ph.D., is a senior lecturer in psychology in ~ the college of Lincoln in the unified Kingdom.


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