Oh, My, God. Becky, watch At her Butt.It Is so Big. She looks Like among Those lab Guys’ Girlfriends.But, you Know, who Understands Those lab Guys? They just Talk come Her, Because, She Looks choose A total Prostitute, ‘kay?I Mean, her Butt, Is just So Big.I Can’t think It’s simply So Round, the Like, the end There, ns Mean— Gross. Look!She’s just So… Black!

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I Like large Butts and I deserve to Not LieYou various other Brothers can’t DenyThat when A Girl to walk In with An Itty Bitty WaistAnd A Round point In your FaceYou gain Sprung, Wanna pull Up Tough’cause You an alert That butt Was StuffedDeep In The blue jeans She’s WearingI’m Hooked and also I Can’t avoid StaringOh Baby, ns Wanna gain With YouAnd Take her PictureMy Homeboys Tried to Warn MeBut That butt You acquired Makes Me therefore HornyOoh, Rump-o’-smooth-skinYou speak You Wanna gain In mine Benz?Well, usage Me, usage Me’cause you Ain’t That average GroupieI’ve watched Them Dancin’To Hell through Romancin’She’s Sweat, Wet,Got that Goin’ choose A Turbo ‘vetteI’m tired Of MagazinesSayin’ flat Butts space The ThingTake The mean Black Man and also Ask him ThatShe Gotta load Much BackSo, Fellas! (Yeah!) Fellas! (Yeah!)Has her Girlfriend got The Butt? (Hell Yeah!)Tell ’em come Shake It! (Shake It!) shake It! (Shake It!)Shake That healthy and balanced Butt!Baby obtained Back!

(La face With Oakland Booty)Baby got Back!(La confront With Oakland Booty)(La face With Oakland Booty)

I favor ’em Round, and also BigAnd when I’m Throwin’ A GigI just Can’t aid Myself, ns Actin’ choose An AnimalNow here’s My ScandalI Wanna acquire You HomeAnd Ugh, Double-up, Ugh, UghI Ain’t Talkin’ Bout Playboy’cause Silicone parts Are created ToysI want ’em actual Thick and also JuicySo uncover That Juicy DoubleMix-a-lot’s In TroubleBeggin’ for A piece Of the BubbleSo ns Lookin’ At absent VideosKnock-kneed Bimbos Walkin’ prefer HoesYou can Have castle BimbosI’ll save My Women choose Flo JoA Word to The Thick spirit Sisters, i Wanna acquire With YaI won’t Cuss Or fight YaBut ns Gotta be Straight once I Say i Wanna Till The break Of DawnBaby gained It Goin’ OnA many Simps Won’t like This Song’cause them Punks choose To struggle It and also Quit ItAnd I’d quite Stay and also Play’cause ns Long, and I’m StrongAnd I’m down To acquire The Friction OnSo, Ladies! (Yeah!) Ladies! (Yeah)If friend Wanna role In my Mercedes (Yeah!)Then rotate Around! Stick that Out!Even White Boys got To ShoutBaby got Back!

So her Girlfriend rolfes A Honda, Playin’ exercise Tapes by FondaBut Fonda Ain’t obtained A engine In The ago Of her HondaMy Anaconda Don’t want NoneUnless You’ve obtained Buns, HunYou deserve to Do side Bends Or Sit-ups,But you re welcome Don’t lose That ButtSome brothers Wanna Play the “Hard” RoleAnd tell You that The target Ain’t GoldSo lock Toss It and Leave ItAnd i Pull Up quick To Retrieve ItSo Cosmo states You’re FatWell i Ain’t Down with That!’cause her Waist Is tiny And her Curves are Kickin’And i’m Thinkin’ Bout Stickin’To The Beanpole Dames In The Magazines:You Ain’t It, miss Thing!Give Me A Sister, ns Can’t withstand HerRed Beans and Rice Didn’t miss out on HerSome Knucklehead Tried come Diss’cause His Girls space On mine ListHe had Game but He made decision To hit ’emAnd i Pull Up rapid To gain Wit ’emSo Ladies, If The target Is Round,And You desire A Triple X litter Down,Dial 1-900-mixalotAnd kick Them Nasty ThoughtsBaby obtained Back!Baby gained Back!

(Little In The Middle but She got Much Back) <4x>

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