It’s around missing your loved one after ~ break-up. Olivia initially penned this song, then Gnash added his verse and also created the brand-new arrangement. Gnash and O’Brien exchange verses in this song, in an interview with O’Brien said: “I never really felt what moving on feeling like, also after the first time we damaged up, because the door never ever really closed. This time because I’m deciding to I’m actually emotion it and also it sucks. This is actually additionally a reference to the line ‘I guess this is growing up’ in Dammit through Blink-182.” In one more interview v ABC Radio O’Brien described that she initially wrote the tune as she was sad around a boy, she said: “I have actually hundreds of songs from my student in the first year year, where I would simply write around all the boys ns liked and they’re all so bad! This one just turned out to it is in good.”Gnash described the an interpretation behind this song during an interview through, he said: “Olivia feels used by a human & relationship, but still misses lock dearly, and also doesn’t watch the end of thinking around it every the time. This really sets up the dichotomy the the tune the happy sad feeling of discovering what you miss can not be what’s ideal for you, but additionally accepting in ~ the very same time that either way, no matter the amount of time, it no seem come feel any type of better.”

Release Date: February 17, 2016 – Olivia O’Brien release: December 9, 2016

Songwriter/s: Garett Nash – Olivia O’Brien

Label: Atlantic – Warner Bros.

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Chart Rankings: In the UK, the song got to number 7 on the official Charts Company. The brothers phonographic market (BPI) certified the Platinum because that sales over 600,000 copies. In the US, the peaked in ~ number 10 top top the Billboard warm 100. On the us Adult peak 40 it reached number 14 and also on the Mainstream height 40 it peaked at number 5. The Recording industry Association that America (RIAA) certified dual Platinum for sales over 2 million copies. It topped the charts in Australia and also reached the optimal 10 charts in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, Indonesia, Lebanon, brand-new Zealand and Portugal. The track was certified dual Platinum in Australia, Canada and also Italy. In France, Germany and brand-new Zealand it to be certified Platinum.

Artist’s age on release Date: Garrett Charles Nash was energetic for a year, Olivia O’Brien to be 17 year old when this track was released.

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Cover Versions: Conor Maynard – Cimorelli – Sara’h – other amateur artists extended this track on Youtube.