My multimeter educates me that the voltage that the batteries and also they both review 5.6V. I understand that by dropping listed below the 3V per cell threshold, the security circuit has actually kicked in and also is stopping me from charging the packs. Ns have additionally read that it is feasible to revive separation, personal, instance cells, by providing a "boost" with a small current, once the voltage is listed below the threshold.

My concern is this: is it in ~ all possible to recovery the whole pack (protection circuit included) without dismantling it?



I only have experience through batteries native one supplier, yet in the case, when the voltage went too low the circuit was successfully disconnected. If you are seeing 5.6V climate the protection circuit hasn"t actually cut off access to the cells.

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It is possible that the security circuit isn"t staying clear of charging, however that your charger isn"t attempting it.

I would try another charger. If the doesn"t work, I"d try to inject a tiny current right into the whole battery load until the voltage gets high sufficient for your charger to be happy.


Maybe - through individual cells ns have revived them indigenous under-voltage shutdown by injecting a little current with a moderately high value resistor indigenous a strength supply greater than the cabinet voltage.

I have never attempted v a multi-cell battery.

It will count upon the security circuit. I provided a few kilohm resistor fed indigenous 8 or 9 volts to inject 1 mA or so till the security circuit re-enabled.


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