Hello everyone,I"ve newly switched native Nexus mode Manager to mod Organizer. Every little thing is working fine so far, except for a details problem with Bodyslide 2.I"ve collection up everything according come the "Troubleshooting" section in the Bodyslide2 summary (http://www.doyourpartparks.org...im/mods/49015/?). To run Bodyslide2 from in ~ MO works fine, and also the results are also visible on the human body in-game.However, if I desire to use an additional bodyslide-compatible mod such together ChronoTrigger"s Vanilla armor Replacer (http://www.doyourpartparks.org...im/mods/25259/?), climate Bodyslide won"t finding the brand-new meshes. If ns copy lock manually into the bodyslide directory, they show up appropriately in Bodyslide, but any kind of modifications top top them will NOT show up in-game, i beg your pardon is kind of frustrating. Bodyslide tells me the it has generated the meshes, but they don"t display up anywhere, not also in the "Overwrite" folder (where they need to be, imho).Any aid with this?Thanks,Alan




EDIT: Okay, right here is one possible solution:


1 ) install Bodyslide as shown on the nexus page using mode Manager, adhering to the measures in the "Troubleshooting" ar (http://www.doyourpartparks.org...im/mods/49015/?)

2 ) Install any kind of other Bodyslide-Compatible armor mod

3 ) open the mod magazine of your Bodyslide-Compatible armour mod in mode Organizer (right click the mode -> open in explorer)

4 ) Copy the contents of the "Caliente devices / Bodyslide" folder

5 ) open the mod directory of Bodyslide 2 (right click on mod -> open up in explorer) and paste the previously duplicated files into "Caliente devices / Bodyslide"

6 ) run Bodyslide 2 from mod Organizer, do any tweaks and also changes you wish

7 ) IMPORTANT: host down the left CONTROL an essential on your keyboard when clicking on "Batch Build" in Bodyslide.

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8 ) IMPORTANT: After picking the body to build, hold the left CONTROL vital down again when clicking "Ok" in the dialog

9 ) another dialog need to pop up, questioning you *where* to put the files. Direct it come "Mod Organizer / overwrite / meshes" and also click ok.


NOTE: If you want to make alters in bodyslide, simply repeat procedures 6 ) come 9 ).

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This will certainly drop the records in the right place and also you will view the changes in-game. It"s no as tedious together it sound here. Still - if anyone together a far better solution that avoids the overwrite folder of MO, you re welcome tell me

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This is what MO's executables ability is for. Install CBBE (including bodyslide et. Al.) straight into MO together a normal mod. At height right the MO, click the dropdown combobox and click "Edit" in it. Configure an entrance in "Modify Executables" because that BodySlide. Then run BodySlide by picking it in the very same MO dropdown friend used, and also click Run. This allows BodySlide view the virtual record system the MO creates, the same as Skyrim will view it. It's the right way. Due to the fact that it may hit friend later: Currently, FNIS 5.1.1 is balking in ~ this technique on my machine, due to Fore adding a pathname inspect in his executable that is erroneously maybe to view the actual path outside the VFS. He thinks the his examine is helping (it is helping civilization that are daft enough to tho trash your Skyrim vapor Library data folder). I'm ~ above FNIS 5.0.2 till Fore fixes/removes it, or MO works about it. Keep in mind that the executables role in MO is the right means to set up for all her patching and cleaning. You perform the exact same as over for basically everything, from WryeBash (bashed patch) and SkyProc (reproccer, asis), come LOOT (BOSS v3) and also TES5Edit (mod merger). Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uP9lhYH41eY#t=16m42s

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